Deep Conditioners You Should Have In Stock For Winter

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Wouldn't it be lovely if our hair did what we wanted it to do? It seems our hair has a mind of its own and doesn't listen to us when we want it to look good. Many of us struggle with annoying hair problems like split ends, frizz, color damage, and just an overall blah look. Our hair needs moisture to stay healthy, and the lack of humidity in winter can make hair dry and brittle. Choosing a deep conditioner for your specific hair needs can actually change that, but using the wrong deep conditioner might just make your hair issues worse (via Cosmopolitan).

Celebrity hairstylist Vernon François, who works with Lupita Nyong'o, recommends a weekly deep conditioning treatment for your hair, followed by a rinse of ice-cold water. "It [seals] the hair cuticle and helps it lay smoother and look shinier," François told Vogue. You could always go to the salon for a weekly treatment, but it is much cheaper to do it at home (via InStyle).

"Deep conditioning treatments are essential to help repair damaged or compromised hair," hair colorist Guy Tang told Byrdie. Whether it's heat treatment, color, or just the seasons, everyone can benefit from using a deep conditioner. If you are struggling with color-treated, bleached, super-fine, or ultra-dry hair, we have the right deep conditioner for your hair this winter.

The right deep conditioner can give your hair extra TLC this winter

Suppose you want salon-level results at home and don't mind splurging. In that case, Byrdie recommends the Christophe Robin Regenerating Hair Mask with Prickly Pear Seed Oil ($69) because it is perfect for color-treated hair. It is reparative and adds ridiculous shine to your hair. 

If you want a more affordable option, you can always get the cult-favorite Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioner ($2.99), as recommended by Refinery29. It has jojoba oil and aloe to moisturize the driest tresses without breaking the bank. If you have dry, curly hair, Vogue recommends Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask ($38) because it has a blend of B-vitamins and collagen to restore dry hair that needs extra hydration. This deep conditioning mask doesn't have sulfates, silicones, or parabens.

Those with fine, thin hair may want to skip this because their hair is prone to becoming greasy. However, you have to fix the damage. That's why Olaplex No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner ($28) is perfect for fine hair, according to Cosmopolitan, because it has less protein and moisture. This means it won't weigh your hair down or make it look flat. 

It can be a struggle to maintain blonde without the brassiness. That's why InStyle loves It's a 10 Five Minutes Hair Repair for Blondes ($20.99). It has hydrolyzed collagen to restore hydration and magnolia extracts to enhance and brighten color during the dry months.