The Best Crystals To Have Going Into 2022

Spirituality practices, like meditating, crystal healing, and tarot reading, have skyrocketed into popularity over the past few years. So popular in fact that views for just #crystals on TikTok are over 7.5 billion.

But what do crystals even do? According to Healthline, crystals work with the body's "vibrational energy." They explain that "the idea is that crystals can redirect and re-channel energy flow with their unique energetic vibrations."

According to Healing Crystals, the best ways to use crystals are through wearing them or putting them around your home or under your pillow when you sleep at night. Keeping crystals close to your skin allows the vibrations to be transmitted directly to you through constant contact. So wearing crystals on a necklace or ring allows you to have constant access to the stone's healing powers, it's believed. If crystals aren't part of your every day style, try wearing them — or holding them -– while you meditate.

Now that you know what to do with your crystals once you get them, you should know which ones to get. With everything spiritual and mystical, the best advice is always to go with what you're drawn toward. If you're still overwhelmed with crystals and don't know where to start, here's a list of crystals that'll help you with keeping your New Year's resolutions.


According to Tiny Rituals, amethyst has physical, spiritual, and emotional healing properties. With an overall soothing vibe, it's believed to have positive effects on the body's endocrine system, which could help regulate your metabolism, stabilize cortisol production, and boost your immune system (via Cleveland Clinic).

Mentally, amethyst is supposed to help soothe your mind when you're awake and asleep. More restful sleep and a better ability to focus promote inspiration, creativity, and can help awaken your intuition, or so it's said. With how wide-ranging the positive effects of amethyst crystals are, this is a must-have to help you keep your New Year's resolutions.


If any of your resolutions include "manifesting financial abundance" or attracting new opportunities -– including opportunities to heal -– you should look into adding a citrine to your crystal collection (via The Spruce). Citrine grounds negative energy, meaning this one doesn't have to be cleansed (via Crystal Vaults).

Like with amethyst, citrine is thought to influence both the body and the mind. According to Crystal Vaults, citrine is thought to be a relationship support stone, either personal or professional. This may be because of citrine's believed ability to help "identify and heal issues of power abuse and feelings of helplessness."


No matter what 2022 has in store, you're going to want some courage to face it. That's why you're going to want to make sure you have jade on hand. Known for manifesting good luck and courage, jade is another crystal that can support better relationships going into the new year. According to Healthline, jade is thought to encourage honesty, maturity, life force energy, self-love, and self-acceptance.

Being able to be open and honest with ourselves, our loved ones, and our co-workers take different types and levels of courage — and of love. Jade is, according to Tiny Rituals, supposed to help clear out "negative thought patterns" that get in the way of being able to trust yourself. 

Smoky quartz

Just like its amethyst cousin, smoky quartz is a crystal that helps give overall support, especially the emotional variety. With another year of uncertainty looming, this crystal is supposed to help ground you and promote emotional stability (via Truly Expriences). Some wear smoky quartz to help keep panic attacks and negative thoughts away, making it another line of defense against bringing negative 2021 energy into 2022.

According to Crystal Vaults, smoky quartz can help cleanse your environment of negative energy, supporting better communication and honesty.


Adding a garnet to your 2022 crystal collection is going to be your secret weapon for making it through the new year. Garnets are deep red in color, which is just a hint of the passion the crystal is supposed to help spark. Physically, the garnet is said to help the body process toxins, as well as help support circulation (via Tiny Rituals). Where this crystal really shines, though, is emotionally and creatively.

Wearing a garnet is supposed to help you tap into the energies to help boost your self-confidence (via Charm Of Light). It can help ease the way when you're working through what's blocking you from having the confidence from seeing your New Year's resolutions through.