What It Really Means When You Dream About Floods

Hurricanes, tsunamis, storms, typhoons, earthquakes and floods ... these are some of the worst recognized natural disasters (via Live Science) that can devastate expanses of land, bring communities and towns to their knees, and cause loss of lives and property.

In September 2021, parts of New York and New Jersey experienced serious floods as a result of Hurricane Ida, per USA Today. Four people died in a flood in Mexico and thousands of people lost their homes in Indonesia also due to a flood, per Anadolu Agency.

These occurrences usually bring about huge humanitarian crises which explains why governments of the world and even international organizations are either always quick to warn of their impending occurrence or quick to send aid to such stricken communities.

Surely, to dream of floods which devastate homes, farms, wreck properties and sweep everything on its path away would leave anyone feeling some type of way. But should you be getting worked up about these types of dreams?

What does it really mean to dream about floods? Does it signify an impending natural disaster? Below we explain all we know about flood dreams.

Dreams about floods could actually suggest an upcoming disaster

Dreaming of floods can indicate an impending disaster, per Pleasant Dream, but this disaster is not of nature. Flood dreams point to a potential emotional or career disaster rather than one that has to do with the climate. So rest assured that any natural disaster that occurs afterwards is independent of your dream.

When you dream of floods, it is most times related to the state of your emotions, per Dream Christ. Your subconscious mind is trying to show you how uncontrollable your emotions are. At other times, that dream could simply be a foreshadowing of a forthcoming situation wherein you would struggle to contain your emotions, whether for good or bad, per Labex Cortex. This dream could also be interpreted to mean that a difficult phase of your life is nearing its end, per Times Now News.

If your dream takes a scarier turn and the flood sweeps you away in it, that signifies that something is about to happen that will unbalance you, but with a bit of introspection, you should be back on your feet in no time, per Luciding. Sometimes, finding yourself in a flood dream could also be a pointer to how your past is being swept away, in order to usher in a better time, a new lease of life, per Aunty Flo.

Where you dream of a flooded city, it points to a difficulty in connecting with your deepest emotions, per Red Argentina.