If You're A Libra, This Should Be Your 2022 New Year's Resolution

Libras are some of the most caring members of the zodiac. The air sign makes them perfectly suited for a career in arts or design as they are said to have a great eye and aesthetically pleasing tastes (via Pure Wow). Libras are also known for keeping the peace, being in harmony with everyone, and everything around them is calm and working like a well-oiled machine.

Those born under the sign of Libra are also notorious for dealing out compliments and making those around them feel seen and special. However, Libras also have issues with confrontation, and will, at times, go to great lengths to avoid any awkward encounters. As parents, Libras love to give their children some of the finer things in life, while also instilling a sense of fairness and a strong moral compass in their kids. In addition, they're also known as attentive significant others who are romantic but are looking for an equal partnership in their relationships.

As a new year approaches, there are a number of things that Libras are likely ready to tackle in 2022. Of course, astrology has some suggestions for you.

Libras should spend more time alone in 2022

Libras (born between September 23 and October 22) may be planning some new goals for the new year. According to Pop Sugar, while Libras are known for being balanced, they may put themselves last at times. In 2022, many Libras may want to make it a New Year's resolution to spend more time alone. This could mean many things. Libras can rest and recharge during their alone time, or get some much-needed self-care by pampering themselves with spa treatments, or just pick up a good book to unwind. Spending time alone is a great way to sort out priorities and deal with the conflict that Libras hate so much.

Meanwhile, Cosmopolitan suggests that Libras should learn a new language, which would be a perfect new hobby to pick up while you spend time alone. The outlet notes that Libras love to socialize, write, and read and that learning a new language will help them do so at a higher level.

Whatever it is that Libras choose to work on in 2022, the air sign is sure to succeed if they're passionate about their goals.