You Won't Believe The Bizarre Detox Treatment That Demi Moore Swears By

If you're curious about the latest, craziest beauty trends out there, look no further than celebrities. With famous faces their fans always expect to look their best and seemingly bottomless bank accounts to boot, celebs are often first in line to shell out some serious cash to try the hottest treatments to keep themselves looking youthful and radiant. Vogue Australia recently wrote an article covering a whole host of these unexpected and unusual treatments, which includes everything from ice baths, electronic face lifts, bee sting therapy and CocaCola hair rinses to face yoga and snake massages. 

And while some of these would be considered pretty cutting edge or modern, there are other treatments that are downright medieval. Enter Demi Moore and her leeches. Yes, that's right: we said leeches (via Cosmopolitan). Using leeches as medical treatment dates back a whopping 2500 years (via, as it was once thought that bloodletting could treat several different diseases. But why on earth would a major celeb like Moore use them as part of a beauty regimen? Let us explain.   

How Moore uses leeches to stay youthful

No one is suggesting you go throw yourself into a swamp and see what attaches, but it turns out celebs like Moore seek out professionals to administer a detoxifying treatment using what she once called "medical leeches" (via Cosmopolitan). She explained, "It detoxifies your blood and they have a little enzyme that when they're biting down on you, gets released into your blood and generally you bleed for quite a bit."

Sounds lovely (we are physically cringing). 

But she went on to suggest that the reason this is actually a positive thing, is that through this treatment, "your health is optimized" because this bloodletting "detoxifies the blood." Now, while we aren't knocking Ms. Moore, as the still-gorgeous 59-year-old actress is clearly doing something right, we might just stick to less vampiric forms of detoxing to keep ourselves youthful, like clay masks or epsom salt baths, thank you very much.