Twitter Users Are Getting Real With The Hashtag #WhatCovidHasTaughtMe

As 2021 comes to a close, we're nearing the 2-year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic. With almost two years spent in a variety of lockdowns, social distancing, and masking requirements, people have learned some lessons. And if there's one thing that we can count on in 2021, it's that people will take to social media to tell it like it is.

A fair amount of what people are posting with #WhatCovidHasTaughtMe centers around politics.

"If you can't be bothered to defend the lives of 840,000+ Americans because you're *TOO LAZY AND SELFISH* to wear a flimsy paper mask and get vaxxed — don't call yourself a Patriot. You're not. #WhatCovidHasTaughtMe" one tweeted.

Another saw the flip side of the situation, tweeting "Having a different opinion that is also backed by science makes me a racist, Trump loving, pile of s***. Mask don't work. Covid was made in a lab. And vaccines created by warp speed are being pumped into arms of people who hate Trump. Yet they woke. #WhatCovidHasTaughtMe"

Some see a silver lining to the pandemic

Some seemed to embrace the fact that the pandemic required spending time away from others. "#WhatCovidHasTaughtMe that I prefer dogs to people" wrote one. And another wrote "#WhatCovidHasTaughtMe That when this pandemic is over, I'm still going to need that 6 feet of social distancing."

Others saw the silver lining from the pandemic. "I can live a smaller life and still be happy. #WhatCovidHasTaughtMe" tweeted one.

"#WhatCovidHasTaughtMe is that I am grateful for what I have" wrote another person.

Another positive spin on things came from this user who said "#WhatCovidHasTaughtMe people who matter to me and to whom I matter, always find a way to be around safely. Others, well ... Oh and not wasting 3 hrs getting ready for work, commuting, winding down is not necessary. Spend time cooking, working out or taking dogs for extra walks".

They weren't the only one who saw COVID-19 as a game changer when it came to the workplace. Another tweet shared said "#WhatCovidHasTaughtMe Covid-19 has taught me that so many people were wasting their lives away in 9-5 jobs chained to a desk and office cubicles being micromanaged by controlling assholes when they can be productive at home and enjoy more personal time. #mentalhealth".

A lot of people are rethinking life because of COVID-19

And considering the long hours and challenging work by healthcare workers fighting COVID-19 head-on in hospitals and doctor's offices (per NPR), there's one thing a lot of people can probably agree on with this tweet: "#WhatCovidHasTaughtMe First responders and nurses are wildly underpaid."

Along with healthcare workers, teachers got plenty of shout-outs. "Teachers deserve a major raise and whatever top-of-the-line retirement package they can get covered in gold wit a dash of glitter #WhatCovidHasTaughtMe" one person tweeted.

Yet others seemed to have learned some important self-realizations with the pandemic. One tweeted "I guess the excuse of I'm not cooking or I don't have time to work out because I'm too tired and busy it's completely wrong. I'm just a lazy ass #WhatCovidHasTaughtMe".

And a self-realization that others might be having too from this tweet: "I don't ever want to wear a bra again. #WhatCovidHasTaughtMe".

Finally, a lesson we could all probably benefit from learning: "Cutting your own hair usually doesn't work out well. #WhatCovidHasTaughtMe" one user tweeted.