If You're A Sagittarius, This Should Be Your 2022 New Year's Resolution

Sagittarius is one of the funniest and smartest signs in the zodiac. Sagittarians are known for being lovers of life. They have positive outlooks, enjoy their freedom, are very intellectual, and know how to make people laugh (via PureWow). 

They also tend to inspire those around them to be the best versions of themselves. However, because they love freedom so much, the sign does have a reputation for shying away from commitment.

Because they are so intellectual and encouraging — and often have great communication skills — many Sagittarians tend to look for careers as professors, journalists, writers, coaches, hosts, or something where they work with people and get to use their voice and inspire others. 

As a friend, the sign is known for being honest and encouraging. As a partner, the fire sign loves to see its significant other succeed and needs to connect through humor. As a parent, Sag will cheer their children on while also teasing them and placing emphasis on their education.

Since education is so important to Sagittarians, their 2022 New Year's resolution could revolve around it.

Sagittarius should learn something new in 2022

Cosmopolitan reveals that Sagittarius (born between Nov. 22 and Dec. 21) should focus on learning in the new year. So, if you've been thinking about going back to school, now is the time! 

Make it your New Year's resolution to better yourself. However, learning doesn't have to be technical for this zodiac sign. You can take a cooking class, enroll in an online seminar, or simply find a way to learn a new skill that you've always wanted to try. Do your research, figure out something you'd like to know more about, and then jump right in.

Meanwhile, PopSugar notes that Sagittarians shouldn't overcommit themselves in the new year as they are known for getting carried away when they're excited about something. So be sure to pace yourself, and be sure that whatever you choose to tackle is something that can fit into your already busy life. 

Think before you make the leap, and you are sure to have a productive and happy 2022.