Starbucks Holiday Drinks That Aren't Worth Your Money

The holidays are a time to spurge. To press the snooze button a minimum of two more times than you normally do. To break the budget on that glittery dress that makes you feel like you belong on the red carpet. To say "ho ho ho heck yes" when the barista asks if you want whip. We love a little extra dose of everything around the festive times of the year. That being said, it's never the right time to be wasting your money. Which is why you should silently veto certain drinks when looking over the Starbucks menu.

To keep things oh, so merry and bright, we'd like to list a favorite on the holiday menu that is guaranteed to put a festive pep in your step. Consider ordering the Irish Cream Cold Brew. Who said cold drinks couldn't be cozy? The mildly sweet taste pairs well with its luxurious smooth texture (via Pure Wow). The satisfying beverage is rather new to the holiday drink list. But let's hope it sticks around into the new year longer than that half-empty carton of eggnog in your fridge does.

These drinks missed the festive mark

Now, on to the holiday drink equivalent of lumps of coal. We wanted to love this disappointment. The name, the sprinkles, and the look had our hopes high. But the Iced Sugar Cookie Almond milk Latte fails to deliver. It is extraordinarily sweet. The sprinkles quickly melt. And if you manage to get to the bottom of the drink, it's unlikely you'll be craving one the next day.

In addition to the first sugary mess, this next classic is on the menu year-round, but gets a heavy push during the holiday season. Starbucks' hot chocolate is a humdinger when we talk about a splurge. A grande size made with whole milk and added whip is the sugar bomb equivalent of eating nearly 11 donut holes (per Eat This, Not That!). We all love an extra dose of everything. But this drink gives overindulgence a bad reputation.

The third and final drink you should avoid wasting your money and calories on is the Toasted White Chocolate Mocha. Some reviews have compared this winter white drink to tasting like the yogurt applied to yogurt-covered pretzels (via Greatist). If that peaks your taste buds, than by all means give it a try. In fact, you should give anything on the holiday menu a try if it looks good! We're just here to hand out a festive warning to those who want to splurge, but appreciate a little guidance while they study the menu at Starbucks.