Can Vaseline Prevent Teeth Staining?

Although everyone dreams of having pearly whites comparable to those of famous actors and actresses, oral care, especially when it comes to tooth stains, is a complicated thing. From the prevention of cavities to the prevention of tooth discoloration, there are special steps that have to be taken, per WebMD. Tooth discoloration is something that comes with both age and the frequency of consuming certain foods — beverages, like coffee, as well as tobacco, per Healthline. The first advice usually given to people trying to get rid of stained teeth is to cut back on their consumption of coffee, sweets, red wine, and tobacco.

However, giving up things like coffee and sweets is easier said than done, and a lot of the treatments for teeth whitening are very expensive. Regardless, there are things you should never brush your teeth with. Rather than splurging on teeth whitening strips, teeth whitening kits, and a professional teeth whitening session at the dentist's office (per Your Dentistry Guide,) most people would rather focus on preventing tooth discoloration altogether.

Vaseline and other things that prevent teeth staining

A big cause of teeth staining is the discoloration left by food after eating. An important step in the prevention of tooth discoloration is to regularly drink water after each meal, and then drink some more. Drinking water after your meals will help get rid of some of the food particles that remain in your mouth after eating, per Golden State Dentistry.

When it comes to home remedies for the prevention of teeth staining, several people swear by petroleum jelly — Vaseline. It is so common that dentists also use Vaseline to prevent tooth discoloration, per Prevention. The way this works is that Vaseline acts as a shiny barrier between your teeth and the usual culprits of teeth staining, such as red wine and coffee, per Glamour.

Vaseline can also be used to keep your lipstick from staining your teeth, giving you a shiny smile, per Cosmopolitan. Although Vaseline can help prevent tooth discoloration, its function is mainly to stop your food from staining your teeth. However, it can't replace good oral hygiene and check-ups at the dentist's office. The best way to pay attention to your dental hygiene is by brushing twice a day and flossing regularly – failing to brush your teeth can really be detrimental. A good teeth-whitening toothpaste would really help keep your teeth white and eliminate stains and plaque as they form. You can also adopt a diet that's chock full of things like yogurt, cheese, and vegetables, which can fortify your teeth's enamel, per Golden State Dentistry.