What It Really Means When You Dream About The Death Of A Friend

Dreams are a visual representation of the thoughts, sounds, and sensations that your body has and perceives while you're asleep (per Cnet). Sometimes, they are also indicative of your well-being, mental health and subconscious thought process (per Happiful). Experts specialize in understanding dreams by analyzing the psyche of the dreamer, and also use dreams to gain an understanding of the mental health of the dreamer. Dreams can also say a lot about a person's health. Some people have certain dreams due to depression, anxiety, or a recent upheaval in their lives that has caused a change in their mental well-being (per Banyan Mental Health).

From having dreams about your childhood to dreaming about a TV show you've watched recently, sometimes your dreams could mean nothing more than what you've seen in that vision. However, sometimes there could be a reason why your subconscious chose to focus on certain events. it could be trying to tell you something important, or help you come to terms with a decision (per The Wisdom Post). A dream about the death of a friend might be one of those times.

Why would you dream about the death of a friend?

Death is often an unpleasant thing that many people avoid talking about. From the beginning of time, people have tried to find ways around death, per Time. So, if death is such an uncomfortable thing to confront in your waking hours, why would you dream about the death of a friend?

The simplest answer is that you dream about it because it's uncomfortable to deal with when you're awake. Your subconscious helps you cope with your fear and anxiety when you're asleep by presenting them to you in the form of dreams (per The Candidly). However, you could also dream about the death of a friend because of concern for them. Anxiety over your friend's well-being could present itself in the form of a dream about your friend's demise (per Dream Astro Meanings).

If you've fought with your friend recently, or where you are currently experiencing an upheaval in your relationship with them, the dream about them dying could be representative of the emotional upheaval these changes have brought to you, says Dream Astro Meanings. Dreams about the death of a friend could also represent a significant change in the life of the dreamer.

This type of dream could also represent your subconscious desire to part ways with that person (per Healthline). However, these dreams aren't always about the friend you dreamed about. Sometimes, the friend is simply a visual stand-in used by your subconscious for a particular situation you're in, or a relationship you're currently in (per Healthline).