How The January 2 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Capricorn

There's no better time for a new moon than at the start of a new year. In astrological terms, new moons are a time for new beginnings; these are the best time to get started on new projects or set fresh intentions, or make new year's resolutions. Now is the time to "lay the groundwork for what you want to manifest in the coming six months," say The AstroTwins about the best way to make use of new moon energy.


New moons are also a great way to start a new year. But this new moon is not only a super moon, meaning the moon is as close as it gets to the earth in its orbit, it's a new moon in Capricorn (via EarthSky). This means motivational energy is going to be plentiful as we head into the new year. Supermoons supercharge the traits of the zodiac sign they fall in, which means the volume on Capricorn's grounded but ambitious energy is going to be turned way up (via AstroStyle).

Write down intentions this new moon if you're a Capricorn

If your sun or rising sign falls in Capricorn, you're about to get an influx of energy — exactly what you need to get started on the new chapter of your life you've been thinking about for a while now (via InStyle). You be full of creativity and inspiration from this new moon, but Capricorn's association with Earth ensures you won't get too far out of the box.


Whether it's your personal or professional life that's about to get a shakeup, your best way forward is to put pen to paper. But don't be surprised if your focus gets set on your home, family, and relationships. According to Well+Good, this will be a healing time for you, Capricorn. Whether it's generational trauma you've been working on or just emotional baggage you've been carrying around with you, this new moon will give you the momentum you need to finally break through and grow.