Is The Burberry London Perfume Worth It?

Five years ago, Burberry debuted their London fragrance. Developed by Dominique Ropion (via Fragrantica) and retailing at £102 (via Burberry), the sophisticated perfume comes in a sleek bottle encased by the luxury fashion brand's signature check pattern. The fragrance itself is described by Burberry as "floral-fresh," with top notes of rose and honeysuckle accompanied by deep heart notes of tiare flower, jasmine, peony, and clementine zest. Its solar notes, which according to Escentual are scents that possess a "sunny disposition,", are sandalwood, musk, and patchouli which provide Burberry's London perfume with "a subtle warmth" according to the brand.

Fragrance site Fragrantica describes Burberry's London perfume as a scent essential to wear during a visit to the UK's capital city, writing that "if one wants to feel the pulse of this old and contemporary city," this perfume should be the first port of call.

But is Burberry's London perfume worth the hefty price tag?

Burberry's London fragrance seems to be a popular choice among perfume lovers

Well, the reviews would say so. Even though Buberry's London perfume launched in 2006, it remains a firm favorite among perfume lovers. One customer wrote that the "perfume never gets old" (via Fragrantica), and others have been surprised by its "straightforward" scent after picking it up without having smelled the fragrance before. "It's actually a very elegant, classy, white floral, sweet and citrusy," another customer wrote, adding that it's got hints of citrus as it settles on the skin. "Good lasting power, you smell like a flower, as it blooms in the morning and closes at night," they wrote. "Great for spring and elegant enough for winter."

Others have noted its "longevity," too, as one customer wrote on Perfume community site Parfumo. They also noted its "nice, relaxing scent" adding that it's "a very traditional scent" that suits best for "autumn and especially winter." Another customer went so far as to say that there "is nothing to dislike about this fragrance," and that it has a "classic" smell that is "soft, feminine, youthful, and elegant."