What The Cast Of Felicity Looks Like Today

New version of you, I need a new version of meeeee.

I can still hear the theme song blasting through my bestie's living room. Me with one hand in a bowl of popcorn and the other on the volume so we could belt it out as loud as possible. We were in the midst of a Felicity marathon the winter before we left for college. The WB series, based off the four formidable years of college, was the ultimate send-off for us overly eager freshmen-to-be.

Whether it was the big poofy curls, the gorgeous men, or the coming-of-age character development—there was something about the show that drew people in. Time magazine confirmed it by naming it one of "The Best Shows of all Time." By the time the four years were up at the "University of New York," Felicity, Ben, Noel, and the rest of the cast had the media vying for their attention. But all these years later, what are they up to now?

Keri Russell - Felicity Porter

Felicity Porter. The scholarly heroine who made curls cool, and then shocked the world when she chopped them all off. The role of Felicity won Keri Russell a Golden Globe and Entertainment Weekly named her one of the greatest characters of the last 20 years.

After Felicity ended in 2002, Russell starred in We Were SoldiersThe Upside of Anger, and Mission: Impossible III. In June 2007, she and her now ex-husband, Shane Deary, brought home their son River Russell Deary and it appears that becoming a mother had an impact on her career. The films that followed were August Rush, a musical fairytale about an orphaned boy, and the family fantasy, Bedtime Stories. By 2011, Russell's daughter Willa was born.

Just when we thought she was slowing down, Russell impressed us all with her most acclaimed role since Felicity as an undercover Russian spy in the FX drama, The Americans—a big jump from impressionable, wide-eyed Felicity. But obviously a good one, as she received her first Emmy nomination and another Golden Globe nomination for the role. 

It is also where she met co-star Mathew Rhys. The two laughed "a little too much" on set, and in 2014 confirmed rumors that they were an item. Then, in 2016, they announced that they were pregnant. Besides being lucky in love, Russell received one of the biggest honors for any Hollywood starlet in May 2017: her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

Scott Speedman - Ben Covington

Ah, the sensitive, I-don't-realize-how-gorgeous-I-am, Ben Covington—Felicity's reason for skipping Stanford in favor of New York. Scott Speedman played him perfectly and many had high hopes for what would come next for this London-born, Canadian-raised heartthrob.

The funny thing is, Speedman will be the first to admit that while his fellow cast-members were moving on to bigger and better roles, he struggled to find his way. "I was always ambivalent about this thing. I just wanted to have fun for a while," he told the Daily Beast. His roles after Felicity include the highly criticized xXx sequel, xXx: State of the Union, the vampire flicks Underworld and Underworld: Evolution, and the hopelessly romantic The Vow, where Speedman plays Rachel McAdams dumped fiancé. Most recently, you can catch him as Barry "Baz" Blackwell on the TNT series Animal Kingdom.

In May 2017, both Speedman and Russell were on Jimmy Kimmel Live. In the interview, Speedman wasn't shy about the fact that he's a working actor, always on the lookout for good roles—or any roles for that matter. "Some people are on really high-class shows (a nod and a jab to Russell's success with The Americans). I'll do it in a heartbeat. I'll be on Lifetime in no time," he said.

Well, with rumors about a Felicity reunion (Gilmore Girls style), he might get his wish.

Scott Foley - Noel Crane

Ben or Noel? That was always the question and Scott Foley's portrayal of Noel, the nice guy Resident Advisor to Felicity, got repeatedly taken for granted as long as Ben was in the picture. But in the end, maybe the nice guy did win. You could say Foley's first big break actually began the moment he met his now ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, on the set of Felicity. Their separation, and eventual divorce after the show, garnered (couldn't help myself) almost as much attention as the show itself.

With the exception of Scream 3 (where the "nice guy" became a deranged villain), Foley has made a nice career for himself in television. From recurring roles on Dawson's Creek and Scrubs, to a starring role as Sergeant First Class Bob Brown in The Unit, to major play in hit series Grey's Anatomy and True Blood, there's rarely a time when you don't see his adorable doe eyes on your TV screen. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, there was Scandal. Foley plays Jake Ballard, the sexy military man that some fans love to hate.

Though Foley had some early trouble with Cupid, he's been going strong with his wife, Brothers and Sisters star Marika Dominczyk, since 2007 when the two wed in a private ceremony in Hawaii. They have three children together and, by the looks of Foley's recent success, he too got his happily ever after. 

Amy Jo Johnson - Julie Emrick

Some might say that Amy Jo Johnson found fame long before she found her character, Julie Emrick, on Felicity. After all, she was the Pink Power Ranger.

But it was thanks to Felicity co-creator, J.J. Abrams, that she got her life back on track after the show was over. According to Variety, he helped her become a Canadian citizen so she could move there to grieve the death of her mother and write her first film, Crazier Than You, the true story of her cult-following-childhood. Eek. It was with this film that she caught the writer/director bug, and followed with other films, including the Indiegogo-funded The Space Between.

She told Variety, "It's innately in my DNA to be on set. I'd like to make a living at being a director. I feel truly in my element." Though filmmaking seems to be her passion project right now, she found time along the way to become a singer/songwriter, star in the popular Canadian TV show, Flashpoint (in which she also got to feature her own music), give birth to her daughter, and—wait for it—make a cameo in the 2017 revival of Power Rangers. It's Morphin' time!

Greg Grunberg - Sean Blumberg

Who would've thought that dorky Sean Blumberg would eventually end up as an X-wing pilot on one of the biggest film franchises of all time? Well, considering both Felicity and Star Wars: The Force Awakens had the same director (J.J. Abrams), we guess it's not that crazy. In fact, Grunberg and Abrams were childhood friends, which has served him well through the years, from Murphy Brown and Baywatch, to Star Trek and the highly-watched, espionage thriller, Alias.

But perhaps his biggest break had nothing to do with Abrams at all. In 2006, Grunberg landed the role of telepathic LAPD police officer Matt Parkman in the award-winning science fiction series Heroes. 

Whatever role he's landed, Grunberg has almost always brought some levity to the set. In an interview with The Daily Herald, Grunberg explained that he likes being the character that can inject humor into often heavy situations (when every other Alias agent is holding a gun, he's holding a calzone). Funny thing is, though he's dead set on playing the everyman on screen, in real life, he's become something of a hero. In 2009, he launched the organization, TalkAboutIt.org to raise awareness and education about epilepsy and served as the chair of the first national Walk for Epilepsy. One of many efforts he's made since his son was diagnosed with this seizure-causing neurological disorder.

Tangi Miller - Elena Tyler

Smart, straightforward, M&M-loving (but Halloween-hating) Elena Tyler was Felicity's lab partner and dorm roommate—a natural fit for actress Tangi Miller. At the time, she drew a lot of attention for more than her wit, as TV Guide named her one of the "Sexiest Faces."

Since Felicity, she has appeared in crime shows like The District and Cold Case, and films like Madea's Family Reunion and Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood. But she has also taken to producing. The movie Love and Other Four Letter Words was inspired by a true story from Miller's life. In an interview with Essence magazine, she opened up about the movie and the fact that she has not put finding love as a priority on her life list. "I think we run for our careers. That's not a bad thing, but we need to be aware and say to our daughters, what there is to expect at the end of the day..." Miller said.

Miller recently made her directional debut with the film Diva Diaries at the Pan African Film Festival 2017. This comes not long after Miller winning a Best Diaspora Film award for a film she produced from the Nollywood & African Film Critic's in 2016. Looks like she's still running for her career—and winning.

Amanda Foreman - Meghan Rotundi

She was rude. She was pushy. And she wouldn't tell us what was in that damn box. Amanda Foreman played Felicity's Wiccan roommate Meghan, and became the character that the audience loved to hate. Just like Grunberg, Foreman stayed in good graces with J.J. Abrams after the series, helping her land the roles of NSA agent Carrie Bowman in Alias and Ensign Brackett in Star Trek Into Darkness. She has also had recurring roles in Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, and MTV's Awkward. But one of her biggest roles to date was as Suze Lessing in Ron Howard's award-winning family drama, Parenthood.

You would never know Foreman hails from a Hollywood family considering she keeps her private life pretty private. Interviews on her are few and far between, but in a 2000 CNN chat room interview, she did reveal one thing about herself when asked by a fan what she would be doing if she wasn't in entertainment.

"I've always been interested in writing," she said. "I don't know if that would be considered being in entertainment, but that's what I would do. I can't see myself doing any job that didn't involve creativity." Keep those creative juices flowing, Amanda. We want to see what else you can do. 

Ian Gomez - Javier Clemente Quintata

Where would Felicity be without her lovable manager at Dean & DeLuca? Javier, played by Ian Gomez, always seemed to offer comic relief to the often heavy moments between the co-eds. But Gomez wasn't an unknown before Felicity; he was a fixture on the widely popular Drew Carey Show and remained with them two years after Felicity ended.

Since his days as Javier have ended, he seems to be the very definition of a working actor. He's had consistent work ever since—showing up in shows like Jake In Progress, Cougar Town, and most recently, Supergirl.

Perhaps, though, his biggest claim to fame, is his personal life. He is married to Nia Vardalos of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Not only has he shown up in both Big Fat movies, but also three of her other films. They have both been very public about their struggle with infertility, and the eventual adoption of their daughter. His latest endeavor is comedy called Living Biblically, a new show based on the A.J. Jacobs' bestselling book The Year of Living Biblically.

Amy Smart - Ruby

Taking a page out of Noel's book, Felicity decides to become an RA in season two. The adorable aspiring actress, Ruby, ends up being one of her residents and quickly catches the eye of Noel. Her stint on the show was short-lived (16 episodes), after she gets pregnant by the director in her big-break movie (poor Noel). But as you might already have guessed, Smart's career was far from over.

From Road Trip to Rat Race, Starsky and Hutch to Just Friends, Amy Smart first found her niche in comedy movies. In recent years, though, she seemed to switch gears into TV—from Scrubs to Robot Chicken, Shameless to Justified, her screen time has seen few gaps.

Smart, though, has found another niche for herself beyond acting. She is fondly known for being an organic-clothes wearing, green-home-owning, eco-enthusiast. Growing up in Topanga Canyon, California, she ventured into environmental work at 18, and hasn't slowed down since. In fact, it's how she met her husband, HGTV star Carter Oosterhouse. She told People, "We got assigned to adopt a school garden together. We met, and we were both in relationships, so we just remained friends. And then we both got out of relationships around the same time, a year ago this summer. And then a year later we got married."

On December 31, 2017, Smart and Oosterhouse announced the arrival of their daughter, Flora, carried by a surrogate after "years of fertility struggles."

Jennifer Garner - Hannah Bibb

As Hannah Bibb, Noel's long-term, long-distance girlfriend (that everybody hated for getting in the way of Felicity and Noel), Garner deserves a spot on the list. But where do we begin? Not long after her short-lived role in Felicity, Garner joined her fellow cast members on the set of Alias as the multi-lingual, combat-fighting field agent, Sydney Bristow. But after that, her television career took a big plunge. Why? To make room for all the films she would go on to star in, from action-packed Daredevil, to teen blockbuster 13 Going on 30, to the Academy Award-winning Dallas Buyer's Club.

There's not much we don't know about Garner's personal life at this point. Her love life always seems to be in the spotlight, whether she's divorcing Scott Foley, or she's marrying, having children with, divorcing, reconciling... no, divorcing, Ben Affleck.

But we do know that she's just as tough as Sydney Bristow, and just as poised as Hannah Bibb in real life. When asked by Vanity Fair what was next for the starlet (post Bennifer), she said, "No one needs to hate him for me. I don't hate him. Certainly we don't have to beat the guy up. Don't worry—my eyes were wide open during the marriage. I'm taking good care of myself."

What now?

From the looks of it, the four years (er, seasons) at the University of New York served this class well—they made lasting friendships, love connections, and found starring roles that skyrocketed careers.

What's next for these hard-working men and women? Will Speedman ever get the leading role he's been looking for? Will Johnson direct the movie that will bring her mom's cult to public light? Will Garner ever find true love again? Guess we'll just have to wait and see (and hope for a reunion show).