Why People Are Saying Kamala Harris' Tweet About Traffic Was Poorly Timed

The tweet was well-intentioned. But Vice President Kamala Harris' social media post extolling the benefits of the newly-passed $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill was poorly timed according to some people who were left seeing red (via New York Post).


The folks who weren't having it after Harris' tweet included the motorists stuck on a stretch of I-95 in Virginia for more than a harrowing 24 hours (via CNN). Multiple accidents and rapid snowfall were to blame for the unthinkable nightmare, with drivers unable to move and running out of gas as freezing temperatures loomed.

Coincidentally, Harris tweeted that same day, "Because of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, America is moving again. That's what infrastructure is all about: getting people moving."

And, not surprisingly, Twitter users responded with more than a bit of venom. "Why, why oh why would anyone think this tweet is a good idea at the same time I-95 is trending for a 12 hour+ 30-50 mile standstill? Are you guys *trying* to write GOP midterm attack ads for them?" asked one person.


That comment was only the beginning.

More Twitter users respond with anger over Kamala Harris' tweet

Twitter users expressed their feelings that the VP's tweet about "getting people moving" was poorly timed with comments like, "One of your senators literally isn't moving, he's been stuck for 24 hours on the highway with thousands of other people because our infrastructure sucks butt."


That person was referring to Democratic Senator Tim Kaine from Virginia who was one of the many motorists who endured a 27-hour commute (via NBC News). "Timely given the disaster on your freeways yesterday that kept people, including Senator Kaine, at a stand still in their cars for >24 hours..." tweeted another displeased person.

In response to Harris' tweet, someone else noted, "Except for the people on I-95 in Northern Virginia. They're not moving." Echoed another frustrated Twitter user, "America is moving again?? Really? Your PR manager needs to get timing down a little better. Are you not aware of the situation on i95?"

To be fair, many commenters expressed support for Harris and implored her to ignore the haters.