Mary Trump Weighs In On Why Donald Trump Didn't Stop The January 6 Riot

The House of Representatives' select committee on investigating the January 6, 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol (per The Washington Post) has released troves of information, including information about former president Donald Trump while the riot took place, as well as his state of mind leading up to that day and during the days that followed (via CNN).

On January 2, Representative Liz Cheney, who co-chairs the committee, made the rounds of the Sunday morning news shows dropping more bombshells, including the fact that the committee has "firsthand testimony" that Trump watched the riot unfold on TV in the White House residence dining room, with his daughter Ivanka urging him to tell his supporters to stand down leave the Capitol, according to CNN. Between the time the deadly attack began to the time Trump put out a social media video telling the rioters to go home, the riot had been going on for hours. Now, Trump's niece, Mary Trump, has weighed on why she thinks her uncle did so little for so long.

Mary Trump thinks Donald Trump enjoyed watching the Capitol riot play out

When Mary Trump (above) appeared on "The Dean Obeidallah Show" on SirusXM radio on January 4 (posted on YouTube), she was asked to assess why Donald Trump would just sit there and do nothing while a violent attack took place in his name. She had a simple answer.

"He was getting off on it, and there was no way he was going to stop anything because he was enjoying it too much and he probably wanted it to get worse," Mary said, while also giving her take on why Ivanka Trump was trying to get her father to do something to stop his supporters.

"You know, the only reason people like Ivanka and others were telling him to stop it is because, in their view, it had gotten out of control," Mary said. "Like they really thought that they could control this monster they'd created and were probably hoping for a bloodless coup."

In the end, Mary said that all her uncle wanted to do was hold on to the presidency by any means, and if it meant violence, then so be it. "He probably thought, one, that it was fun to watch all these people being murderous on his behalf," she said. "But two, that would be the best way for him to stay in power."