Ask These Questions To Avoid Getting Bad Eyelash Extensions

Applying mascara every day can be exhausting, and it won't always give you the dramatically voluminous lashes you crave. False eyelashes are an affordable option that you can pick up at the drugstore or your local cosmetics shop, but unless you've mastered the art of application, they can feel uncomfortable and look lopsided. With the popularity of eyelash extensions to achieve the lashes of your dreams as a more permanent option, you might find yourself considering a trip to the salon. Before you commit to lash extensions, however, there are some things you'll want to take into consideration as well as some questions that are worth asking your eyelash technician.

While eyelash extensions may sound like an effortless option, the truth is that there is some post-appointment maintenance to take into account. While you can do your own research on the topic, it's always best to ask your lash technician for maintenance advice following your appointment (via Nova Lash). The right lash technician will be able to give you in-depth instructions to keep your lashes looking fresh and feeling good. Nova Lash notes that no reputable lash technician will tell you to avoid washing your face with lash extensions, and Cosmopolitan clarifies that washing your face can actually help to remove buildup on your lashes to help your extensions last longer.

Don't forget about aftercare

In addition to maintenance techniques, it's also important to inquire about the kinds of ingredients that your technician is using. According to Cosmopolitan, you should start by inquiring about the ingredients of the lash glue they are using. An eyelash technician who can't give you a rundown of what's in the products they're putting on your lids is a bad sign, and you should exit the salon immediately if this is the case. Nova Lash notes that you should also inquire about the type of lashes that are being applied, as some can last up to eight weeks, while others will require a fill within one to two weeks. You'll also want to be sure to discuss your next appointment with your technician, as neglecting a fill can result in the need for an entirely new set of lashes.

If you're unsure what, exactly, the lashes of your dreams look like, asking your lash technician for help deciding is a great way to let them showcase their skills and knowledge. With a few simple questions, a qualified professional should be able to point you in the right direction. Considering the wide range of lashes available in subtle and dramatic styles, it's nice to know that you're in the hands of someone with a creative eye. Lash technicians can also specialize in particular styles, so if you're looking for something specific, be sure to ask if your stylist has the right skill set to deliver what you seek.

Make sure to avoid possible regrets

If you have sensitive eyes, it's important to ask your lash technician about any specific methods they utilize to make the experience of getting eyelash extensions more comfortable, according to Nova Lash. If you've chosen a reputable lash stylist, they should have non-irritating products on hand in order to cater to clients with sensitive eyes.

Be sure to run through these questions, and any other questions you may have, with any potential salons and technicians before you head into your first eyelash appointment. According to Flirty Flutters, you'll know when you've gotten a bad set. Making sure to ask any and all questions beforehand can help you avoid this. In the event that you do receive a less-than-stellar set of lashes, you can take a few things as a red flag and a reason not to return to the salon.

Any kind of burning is always a bad sign, and visible glue shows that the technician used too much product. If you found yourself in and out of the appointment within an hour or less, your lash stylist likely rushed through the process. If, at first glance, you find yourself looking at your new lids and thinking that they have an overly synthetic look, the lashes likely aren't of the highest quality.

As with any beauty treatment, it's always best to do your research ahead of time. As long as you choose the right salon for you, getting a set of lashes should be a relaxing and glamorous experience.