Where Are The Queer Eye Season 6 Heroes Today?

"Queer Eye" Season 6 dropped on New Year's Eve, and it's a megadose of hope and happy vibes. Hunkered down in Austin, Texas, the Fab Five are in rare form — in the best possible way. They're channeling all the feels to replenish everyone's faith in wholesome goodness. If you need proof, look no further than Episode 4 when the famously stoic Tan France weeps. It's a happy-cry-themed QE season, for sure.

From honky-tonk grandmas to dirty cowboys, this season's heroes put their complete trust into the well-manicured hands of the Fab Five. The results will surprise even the most dedicated fans of the show, but viewers are hopeful that each hero's journey moves forward, and they continue to prioritize self-care and personal growth. We checked in and are thrilled to share that this season's stars are flourishing, in large part to their continued dedication to making themselves a priority.

Heroes Terri White and Angel Flores inspire faith in self love

"Queer Eye" Season 6 kicks off in proper honky-tonk style. Terri White is a proud grandmother and honky-tonk dance instructor. Her family owns The Broken Spoke, a honky-tonk haven. Terri's family has experienced tremendous loss since the episode was filmed, including the death of Terri's father, but with the support of her family, she has rallied. Terri also enjoyed her 59th birthday, which was celebrated with some two-step dancin', of course.

Angel Flores, a transgender woman and Olympic weightlifting coach, shared her personal story in Episode 2. Fans are thrilled that she continues to be an uplifting voice for the LGBT+ community through her guest post on The Out Foundation. She and partner Katia are more in love than ever, with one of Angel's Instagram posts summing it up best: "[Katia] provided an amazing, safe space for me to learn how to be myself ... I could never repay her for loving me every step of the way."

The big-hearted cowboy and Navarro high school students

Spoiler alert: Josh Eilers is a stinky cowboy. Well, he was until the Fab Five arrived on the scene. He was out of his comfort zone but open to their earnest advice. In the end, we were left wondering if Josh and his ex-girlfriend, Kayla, ended up together. This looming question remains unanswered, according to Bustle. But this QE hero is still proof that being open to new experiences creates transformative changes. And to this, we say, "Yee-haw!"

Wondering if teenagers are heading in the right direction these days? "Queer Eye" Episode 4 answers with a resounding "Yes!" The resilient students at Navarro Early College High School in North Austin have shouldered a lot of real-life stress during the pandemic. The Fab Five picks up on their determination and helps them create a dream-come-true prom, which was showcased on the school's Facebook page. 

A doctor and a crawzaddy need self-care too

Todd Maddox is the owner of Plookys Cajun Boiling Pot. In classic hero style, he struggled to prioritize himself while crushing his goals. The restaurant was his late wife's dream, and the Fab Five helped renovate it in style. Todd loved the design tributes to his wife. Plus, Todd looks great now and in these throwback hero photos. Cue the nostalgic cowboy feels.

Episode 6 of "Queer Eye" also features Dr. Jereka Thomas–Hockaday, a busy mother and Central Texas Allied Health Institute co-founder. She works to provide affordable health-related education to underserved communities. Since the show aired, she posted multiple updates on her Instagram account. In one of her video updates, she said, "I have done a lot of work, personally, in just slowing down. I spend a lot more time with my son and my husband — and my family and friends." 

Queer Eye makes sure the givers take care of themselves too

There is no animal left behind when "Queer Eye" hero Jaime Wallace-Griner is around. This animal-loving changemaker gives 100% to her ongoing work at Safe in Austin rescue ranch. Bustle reports that the rescue shelter has just shy of 20 different kinds of animals. After the Fab Five built her a barn to help shelter her animals, she has expanded her rescue ranch with renovations and, just as importantly, has found time to savor her accomplishments and enjoy life in the moment, too (via Bustle).

Season 6 also sheds light on the life work of Chris Baker, the executive director of The Other Ones Foundation. Creating housing and empowering the homeless through inclusivity, Baker and his team work alongside those experiencing homelessness. Throughout his week with the "Queer Eye" cast, Chris addresses some personal pain anchoring him in unhealthy habits. And, as reported by local ABC News affiliate KVUE, the foundation broke ground on the innovative transitional shelter complex featured in the episode!

Season 6 stars are still baking mochi and droppin' beats

No one would blame you if you wanted to forward your mail and move into OMG Squee, the Asian-inspired bakery owned by Sarah Lim. It features small-batch gluten-free Asian American treats. While the shop has struggled financially during the pandemic, per Bustle, since the show's airing, Lim's been hiring staff and filling her Instafeed with plenty of artistic mochis.

Rounding out a season full of heartwarming stories, Reggie DeVore's music career had stalled. As reported by Bustle, after having performed with Katy Perry and Dua Lipa, Reggie struggles when the pandemic began. However, Reggie's been making a serious comeback, and show tickets are on sale on his website

In a season dedicated to so many heroes, it's fun to see how they're embracing their potential. "Queer Eye" Season 6 serves up tears and cheers, and we're totally here for it.