Roseanne Liang Talks Working With Chloe Grace Moretz On Shadow In The Cloud - Exclusive

Roseanne Liang is breaking out in a big way thanks to her new Hulu show "Creamerie." The dark comic series is set in a future without men, after only women survive a mysterious, wide-spreading illness. While the world's women appear to be thriving without men, they're led by the cult-like Wellness, an organization that runs a lottery dictating which women get to be mothers and help populate the world. 

As well as exploring themes of motherhood, feminism, toxic wellness, government interference, racism and feminism, "Creamerie" is also a quirky comic with an electric cast. Liang directed all of the show's episodes, with "Creamerie" set and shot entirely in New Zealand. She also co-created the series with the three main stars of "Creamerie," J.J. Fong, Ally Xue, and Perlina Lau.

Before co-creating "Creamerie," Liang directed 2020's "Shadow in the Cloud," a WWII sci-fi movie starring Chloë Grace Moretz. The List caught up with Liang to find out what it was like working with Moretz on the movie. 

Chloë Grace Moretz has 'sheer grit'

Before "Creamerie" hit Hulu, viewers had already been enjoying director Roseanne Liang's work thanks to the international release of 2020's "Shadow in the Cloud." Starring Hollywood royalty Chloë Grace Moretz, the WWII sci-fi movie delighted fans and, unsurprisingly, Liang had the time of her life making the film. "It was wild being able to shoot my first Hollywood film in New Zealand," she tells The List. "There was a big swirl of contrasting emotions — holy s*** this movie is happening; I cannot f*** this up or else I won't get the chance again; wait — Chloë is coming to my hometown to spend weeks cooped up in a tiny glass and metal ball in a converted office space, and also fight a WWII-era monster on our beaches in the middle of winter?!"

Working with Moretz was definitely a highlight for the director, as Liang reveals, "She had to carry this film, and I bow down to her sheer grit in working with us to make it happen. It was punishing — physically, mentally, emotionally, technically. We had fun too, of course — but it was punishing fun!" With both "Shadow in the Cloud" and "Creamerie" under her belt, Roseanne Liang is most definitely destined for big things.

"Creamerie" Season 1 is available to stream on Hulu now.