The Heartbreaking Death Of Tiktok Star Candice Murley

TikTok star Candice Murley, who was widely known for her dancing videos and skits, has died. Murley died at home on Sunday, January 2, according to Insider. She was 36. Murley's sister Marsha McEvoy broke the news in a GoFundMe campaign, reports People, where she opened up about the tragic loss. "This was very unexpected, and our hearts are torn apart," she wrote. "Candice was so full of life and always lived life her own way."

Murley's cause of death has not been revealed. The late TikTok star posted her final video on Sunday, where she is seen mouthing along to a sound bite that says, "I hate it when the voices in my head go silent, because then I don't know what those f*****s are up to". 

On the GoFundMe page, McEvoy reflected on her sister's life and her love for her son Maxwell. "She was full of energy and loved to dance [and] listen to her music; can't forget about her Bingo, oh how she loved her Bingo. But more than anything in his world she loved her son [and] her family dearly, we also can't forget her cat Stash." At the time of writing, her family had raised over $17.8K for funeral expenses.

Fans respond to Candice Murley's death on social media

Candice Murley's followers shared their condolences in the comments section of her final TikTok video. One user reflected on her relatable nature, writing, "I'm actually in shock and saddened by this news. Candice never pretended to be anybody else other than what she was" (via New York Post). Another user wrote, "Rest eas[y] Candice, Always enjoyed seeing your [TikToks] on my fyp, and your kitty, may you rest eas[y] my condolences to your family." 

Australian news outlet 7News reported that some followers shared concerns about Murley allegedly being bullied and ridiculed in her comments before her passing. One commenter took to TikTok to remind followers about the negative impact of bullying, writing, "I pray the ones that knocked her down daily now [rethink] the way they acted towards a beautiful soul that was fighting and trying everyday to save." Another fan wrote "You people have no clue what the others on here are going thru! Always be kind even if you don't like it. Only say nice things or say nothing at all!"