The Stunning Transformation Of Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene began her acting career while she was still in high school, and quickly found major success through her role as Alice Cullen in the "Twilight" series (via Interview Magazine). With her pixie-like features and irresistible charm, Greene quickly became a "Twilight" fan-favorite, and continues to be, even today.

Since "Twilight," Greene diversified her career and has been in movies that range from horror films to Hallmark Christmas movies (via "Access"). Some of Greene's early roles in the "Twilight" series and other movie projects allowed her to gain experience with stunt work, which helped guide Greene's interests into the realm of health and fitness (via Collider).

As the star approached her 30s, Greene totally transformed into a bona fide health guru and entrepreneur. She has not slowed her roll since kicking off her career with the world-famous "Twilight" saga, and she continues to work in movies while kicking off her brand new reproductive health business (via People). To find out how Greene evolved from a high-schooler with a dream to an international star, follow along to see her stunning transformation.

Ashley Greene grew up in Jacksonville, Florida

As a young girl, Ashley Greene was raised in Jacksonville, Florida, where she lived a fairly average lifestyle. Greene told W Magazine that she was an active athlete in her childhood and frequently engaged in sports. In an interview with Health, Greene admitted to being a bit of a tomboy as a youngster. With an older brother and a horde of boy cousins, Greene grew up playing football and practicing martial arts. "My mom tried to put me into dance, and I was like, 'No thanks, Mom. I'm gonna go fight people,'" she said.

In adolescence, Greene worked hard in both school and work. On Ellen, Greene explained that she was able to convince her parents to let her transfer from a private school to a magnet high school for law and psychology. Her father's background in the Marines prepared her to develop discipline from an early age. Greene recalled an instance in which her family encouraged her to put more focus on her schoolwork: "I got a C once, and I was like, 'C is average.' And they were like, 'You're not average, and you're never gonna be average,'" (via Health).

As a teen, Greene worked several part-time jobs to exercise her burgeoning independence. Greene told Seventeen how her desire to buy a pair of $70 jeans led her to securing a job at a dry cleaner. Later, Greene became a phone operator. "I've worked literally everywhere in Jacksonville, FL," she joked.

At age 15, Ashley Greene decided to pursue acting as a career

Ashley Greene was excelling in her law and psychology classes in high school when she decided to pursue acting at age 15 (via Interview Magazine). Though Greene had never even been in a school play, her experience with mock trials gave her a taste of performing and the thrill that came along with it. Greene told Daily Actor that acting hadn't crossed her mind before because "[t]hat option wasn't really thrown out there in Jacksonville, Florida."

Greene had begun modeling as a young teenager, which led to her taking a commercial class. Something clicked for Greene during that class, which prompted the teen to sign up for an acting class. "After that I was full steam ahead," Greene told Daily Actor. Greene flourished in the class, and secured a manager by the time it had come to a conclusion (via Interview Magazine).

Though her parents were hesitant to support a career change from law to acting, they were on-board to help Greene further her talents and follow her dreams (via Ellen).

Ashley Greene moved to LA when she was just 17

Shortly after Ashley Greene secured a manager, it was time to visit The Big Apple (via Interview Magazine). On her trip in New York, Greene landed herself an agent. Both her manager and agent were convinced that Greene was a star in the making. Although Greene was only 17 at the time, her manager and agent told Greene's parents that she needed to be in Los Angeles. "I think they were crazy for saying that but I'm so glad that they did," she told Interview Magazine.

Greene was able to convince her parents to let her make the move to the other side of the country. Before packing up and starting fresh, Greene graduated high school early at age 17 (via Interview Magazine). Greene's mother accompanied her to LA and helped set up Greene's living situation. After a 10-day crash course in adulting, Greene was on her own (via Daily Actor). "The first year was a lot of acting classes and a lot of me figuring out who I was," said Greene.

She originally auditioned for Bella Swan in Twilight

When Ashley Greene learned that she had gotten the chance to audition for the upcoming "Twilight" film, she bought a copy of the book and read through it within a day and a half (via Vanity Fair). By the time the audition rolled around, Greene had read "New Moon" and "Eclipse," and had gotten fully invested in her upcoming audition.

Although Greene would eventually be cast as the perky Alice Cullen in 2007, she originally auditioned for the role of Bella Swan. Greene told Saturday Night Magazine in an interview: "I went in and auditioned and actually they called me back in and said, 'No, you're not right for Bella,' so I was bummed, and then they brought me back for Alice," (via MTV News). Greene told Daily Actor that she attended five different auditions before landing the part of Alice. "I was like, 'Okay, I'm going to book this part is what's going to happen.' I worked my butt off for it," she told Interview Magazine.

Being a part of the Twilight saga was overwhelming for Ashley Greene at first

The "Twilight" craze had amassed an extreme following by the time of the first movie's release. Ashley Greene found herself at the epicenter of it all, and had to acclimate to fandom pressures and negative media coverage early on in her career.

"Fans shake and cry. You kind of don't know what to do," Greene told Interview Magazine in 2010. On "Access," Greene recalled a particular instance in which a woman proposed to Greene on behalf of her husband, who wanted to marry the actress behind Alice Cullen. "She was willing to share," Greene joked.

The darker side of Greene's newfound fame was the pressure placed on her by the media. In her interview with co-star Michael Sheen, Greene explained how the sudden attention caused her to undergo a "mini-breakdown," (via Interview Magazine). "Why are people reporting on this? Why do people care what I'm wearing or what I'm eating, and why are people looking down on me because I'm not wearing high heels?" she recalled thinking at the time. The stress from being in the public eye started to eat at Greene, and as she became more caught up in her work, her health began to suffer. Keeping in touch with friends and family helped Greene keep grounded, and she began to refocus her energy on maintaining a healthy and sustainable lifestyle (via Women's Health Magazine).

Ashley Greene's career took off after the success of the Twilight saga

Soon after "Twilight" debuted on the big screen, Ashley Greene was offered a lead role in "The Apparition," a psychological thriller and horror film. Greene told Collider that she was especially excited for the opportunity to portray a strong female lead in a horror movie: "She's a very strong character, and has just as much say in what's going on and what we're going to do, as any other character in the film." The cherry-on-top of Greene's first major role outside of "Twilight" was the clout her newfound popularity offered her behind the scenes. Greene told Interview Magazine that she was consulted on the casting choice for her male co-star. "It's sort of a new stepping stone in my career," she said at the time. The lead in question was Sebastian Stan, who is best known for his portrayal of Bucky Barnes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Greene accumulated acting credits in between the "Twilight" movies, further diversifying her career range. She was cast in movies such as "Skateland," "Butter," and "LOL" in between the release of "Twilight" and "Breaking Dawn: Part 2" (via IMBd). From there, Greene chose to focus on smaller projects rather than jumping into a new franchise. "As grateful as I am to have the career opportunities and the success that I've had, I want to be able to enjoy life with the people I love," she told Women's Health Magazine.

The actress became known for her fitness and healthy lifestyle achievements

In the midst of filming the "Twilight" series, Greene became well-known for her stunning physique and landed the covers of both Shape Magazine and Women's Health Magazine. Greene discovered an interest in stunt work when she was introduced to wire work in the first "Twilight" movie. "It was like being on a roller coaster," she told Vanity Fair in 2008.

Greene's love for athletics and fitness only grew from there. "Part of working out for me is having the ability to break away from all the stresses of the day," she said in an interview with Health. While Greene spends a decent bit of time in the gym everyday, her true passion lies in outdoor activities. Greene told Shape that hiking with her dogs and surfing were amongst her favorite pastimes.

Greene opened up to Women's Health Magazine about how intensive workouts and dieting have the potential to become "an addiction." By fostering a healthy relationship with food, Greene was able to incorporate her favorite "cheat" foods into her lifestyle while maintaining her wellness goals. "It doesn't matter if I'm putting calories and fat into my body — I need it to do the type of strength training that I like to do."

In 2018, Ashley Greene had a stunning wedding ceremony

Paul Khoury, an Australian TV personality, proposed to Ashley Greene in 2016, at the base of Bridal Veil Falls in Australia (via People). The pair had reportedly been dating since 2013. In 2017, Greene told People: "I just want it to be fun for everyone involved versus it being this really strict wedding," while she was still in the planning stage of the ceremony.

Greene married Khoury in 2018 amongst the California redwoods. The dreamy setting amongst the towering trees bore a striking resemblance to Edward and Bella's wedding in "Breaking Dawn: Part 1," but with significantly less supernatural conflict involved.

Greene had her wedding gown custom designed for her by Katie May (via Brides). The silky fabric gave the bride a sleek silhouette that accentuated her athletic physique while lace appliqués poked out from under the gown's draping. "I worked with her to create a custom gown that was 100 percent Ashley. It was absolutely perfect." Greene's bridesmaids wore blush, off-the-shoulder gowns and held bouquets made with soft pink roses and feathery greenery.

She is embracing her 30s with natural beauty

Ashley Greene began her career in LA at the age of 17, and spent the majority of her 20s in the public eye. Many young actors can crack under the pressure of red carpet experiences and tabloid coverage, but Greene remains healthy and intact as she enters her 30s.

"My mother always told me I'd love my 30s, and I finally understand what she meant," she told New Beauty at age 34. The major change Greene noticed was her skin's hydration levels. "My beauty regime has certainly taken center stage," she explained. Greene is especially fond of clean beauty products with minimal ingredients.

In an interview with The Strategist, Greene listed some of her favorite skincare products, including a plumping facial oil by Beauty Counter No. 2 and a facial cleanser by Osea. "My skin is really finicky, and to find something that stripped the impurities out, but didn't strip my skin of the moisture that it needed, was important," Greene said of the cleanser. Another tip for keeping her complexion spotless? "I try to avoid sugar as much as possible," Greene added, and vouched for Lily's, a candy brand that uses natural sweeteners like stevia.

Ashley Greene joined the Hallmark TV movie family

In 2019, Ashley Greene had the unique opportunity to join the Hallmark TV movie family by starring in "Christmas on My Mind." Greene was approached by Hallmark after expressing her interest to a friend, and from there she was cast as Lucy Lovett, a woman who has amnesia (via "Access").

Greene was excited to be getting into the holiday spirit through making a holiday movie of her own. "My family and I always have Christmas movies playing in the background all throughout December," she said on KTLA 5. "Now I get to force them to watch my Christmas movie," she joked. "Christmas on My Mind" follows Lucy Lovett after a bump on the head causes her to experience short-term memory loss, effectively erasing the last two years of her life. Lovett forgets her engagement to her current fiancé and instead returns home to see her previous fiancé and "longtime sweetheart" (via Hallmark). The Christmas romcom is a big leap for Greene, who had been previously working on more mature and intense films, such as "Bombshell," which premiered in 2019.

Ashley Greene and her sister-in-law launched a reproductive health company together

In 2021, Ashley Greene and her sister-in-law, Olivia Khoury, launched a reproductive health company that seeks to educate people who menstruate about natural methods for alleviating symptoms. The company, Hummingway, was created out of Greene's own drive to help people manage their menstrual symptoms with natural and clean products.

At age 34, Greene elected to discontinue her use of hormonal birth control products, which sparked an intense reaction from her body. "I went from having no menstrual cycle symptoms to every symptom you could imagine. I had adult hormonal acne and I had debilitating cramps and my emotions were just insane," she told People. This need led to her and Khoury developing transdermal skin pads to help ease cramping pain. To further their mission, the co-founders of Hummingway launched "The Regular," which is an online platform that educates people who menstruate about their own bodies and cycle.

In an interview with Beauty Independent, Greene said that her celebrity status was a point of insecurity for her as an entrepreneur. "We're not just selling a product, we're actually trying to change people's lives," she explained. "I think people will be able to see that we genuinely care and that we genuinely want to make a difference," she added.