Summer Hairstyles That Stun

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Summer is here, and with it comes long weekends, cookouts with friends, and fun new hairstyles. Whether you're looking for big beach waves or a cool pixie cut, there are plenty of ways to be on trend this year. 


"Hello summer and hello texture! Summertime is the perfect time to embrace your texture and embrace a fun and fresh finish to your hair," Style Master at Kevin Murphy Ali Batista told me. Here are just a few of the styles she and the other experts say you should watch for this season. 

Beach bun

There is nothing as cool and chic as a great bun. It will also keep you from overheating. "Celebrities such as Kendall Jenner are rocking the buns this year, which beats the summer heat," Society Salon owner and celebrity hairstylist Sam DiVine told me. "This hairstyle is very versatile and can be done as clean or messy as desired."


Buns are great, because you won't have to constantly be worried about your hair frizzing up or falling flat. "Plus, it is semi wind and waterproof so you can enjoy the waters knowing your style can resist the elements and stay in place," creator of White Sands Haircare Fernando Salas told me. "For added staying power, use a styling paste like White Sands Smudge Texture Crème to smooth hair back into a shiny sleek pony before creating the bun. It offers 24 hour humidity resistance and will keep baby hairs down."

If hair styling isn't your thing, take the easy way out with a little bun help. "There are so many different bun makers out there with various foam shapes to choose from. It has never been easier to make one in seconds," Salas told me. "You can even cut the toe area off of a sock and roll the remaining part into a circular piece to use. In seconds you will have a clean polished style at the beach that is still fun and flirty."


Classic ponytail

If you've never been one to try the crazy new styles, fear not. The basic ponytail is just as special. "I've noticed that a beautiful, classic ponytail is underutilized," said Salas. "Using a lightweight hair paste, smooth hair back into a shiny, sleek pony and secure in the middle of the head below the crown and above the nape. Wrap a small piece of hair around the band to dress it up and secure the ends with a bobby pin."


The best part about the classic ponytail is that it can be worn anywhere. "When it comes to summer hairstyles, the less effort, the better! This is why I love a classic ponytail," DiVine told me. "This style can be dressed up or down and made low or high for any occasion. Tease it up for some after-work fun or straighten your tail for a fancy brunch... you decide!"

Try a braid

A classic braid is the perfect summer hairstyle. "Braids are the perfect summer style, because they do not require heat to create and end up keeping you cool by keeping hair off your neck. Braids also remain in place no matter what the weather situation brings," owner and stylist at Clementine's Salon Dani Everson told me. Not only that, but when you take the braid out, you'll be left with fun waves, perfect for the beach! 


"No matter where life takes you, opting for a braided hairstyle can be the easiest way to get pretty hair without a lot of prep in the summer heat. Wear your braid of choice and let this style act as a curling iron," Salas told me. "Once in for a few hours, undo to reveal heatless waves."

"The fishtail side braid is one of my favorites," Everson said. "I like to pull a few strands out to make it look a little more casual and fun. I'm also seeing hair jewelry in many braids. Tiny jewels and gold pieces can be woven into a braid to add a pop of color and creativity. It's such a fun and unique styling technique. Hair jewelry is definitely stunning."

The braided pony

I love a chic, easy style in the summer and I'm not alone. Celebrity hairstylist David Babaii loves a sleek ponytail with a braided band. "After using a great leave-in treatment, create a smooth sleek pony. To cover the rubber band or hair tie, take an underneath section and loosely braid it, then wrap it around and secure with bobby pins," he told me. "Use a flat iron to the pony to achieve pure sleekness. For that festival look, try crimping some strands that peek through your pony."


Boxer braids

If you're looking for the ultimate low-maintenance look this summer, ask your stylist about braids. "Boxer braids and scalp braids are trending right now and are perfect beach-ready styles," Master Hair Designer and owner of Gordon Salon Tony Gordon told me. "Just remember to protect your scalp! Before heading outside, make sure you apply sunscreen to the exposed scalp."


The mohawk braided top knot

The top knot look is everywhere and certainly nice for summer. To take this look to the next level, try adding a braid. "This is a twist on the casual top knot," editorial fashion hair expert from Cut, Twist, Extend Diana Gallegos told me. "To spice things up, try this mohawk braided top knot for a trendy summer look." Start by sectioning off the hair on the top of your head and clipping that section up. Place the rest of your hair in a ponytail to keep it out of the way.


"Create a dutch braid along the center of the top of the head. When the braid reaches the back of the crown, simply tie it into a messy bun," said Gallegos. "Once the bun is secured, grab your favorite curling iron, straightener, or curling wand to add some beachy waves to the loose locks." To finish, spray a light coat of hairspray and go!

Textured waves

Salty beach waves are the classic summer look. They also take almost no effort. "The beach look is always a desired look and is easily achievable both with and without the beach," shared DiVine. "Whether you do a quick touch-up with your curling iron or sleep with a bun for heatless morning waves, texture is a fun and classic look for this summer."


Bright, short styles

I recently had my hair cut and went for my usual long layers. However, my stylist told me that most of her clients have been coming in asking for short and sassy looks. Stylist and barber Jessica Zeinstra loves a great pixie cut for summer. "Recently, we've seen a number of celebs debut this trend on red carpets and at award shows, and it's safe to say this stylish 'do will be a popular one this summer," she told me.


Short, blonde looks are particularly big this season. "Platinum tresses are one of my favorite hairstyles this summer. Bold and daring, sporting platinum locks will guarantee that you have a white hot summer," celebrity hairstylist and CEO of Muze Hair Kiyah Wright told me. "It gets even hotter when you opt for a platinum blonde pixie cut or beach wave bob."

However, when you mix newly-platinum hair with sun and chlorine, you could be left with a drab, greenish color, so make sure to care for your hair. "This look requires a bit of TLC in order to maintain its vibrant, icy color," Wright explained. "Weekly conditioning treatments will protect your platinum strands from the sun, allowing you to don your sizzling hot look all summer long!"


Feature your face

This summer could be the perfect time to play up your favorite features and display your gorgeous face. "This summer is also all about enhancing your facial features with hairstyles that are away from the face," Wright told me. "Anything from a bob cut to a style that includes a middle part or an updo like a topknot, these summer hairstyles help to accentuate your face."


To make sure your favorite features really pop, make sure you're wearing the right colors to accentuate your hair. "Pair any of these hairstyles with an outfit other than black, like yellow, red, cream, or white," explained Wright. "These cooler colors radiate against your face, giving you an instant glow for summer!"

Disco style

If you've got big hair, this summer is your chance to go even bigger! "Modern disco hairstyles are perfect for summer. If you have a frizzy hair, this is the ideal time to embrace it and allow the frizz to fly," Murat Evin, the creative director of The London School of Makeup told me. 


"Use a sea salt spray to add volume to your curls and then just let them go. Summer is the worst time for battling frizzy hair with the amount of humidity in the air, so this modern disco look is a fashionable and low-fuss method of embracing the natural properties of your hair," said Evin. Now if your hair gets frizzy, you can tell your friends that you're on trend.

Shaggy bangs

For a fun, casual look this summer, try some new bangs. Shaggy bangs are a nice way to try them out, because they're long enough to just look like layers if you decide you're not feeling the bangs. 

"A nice eye sweeping fringe is a great way to change up a look without committing too heavily to 'having bangs' and then growing them out," TRESemmé stylist John Dahlstrom (John. D) told me. "When getting these bangs cut, have your stylist create a soft 'U' shape that hangs low over the eyes and is slightly chipped into in the ends. This will keep the fringe airy and easy to sweep."


If your hair has some natural curl, Dahlstrom recommended adding a bit of TRESemmé Repair & Protect 7 Pre-Styling Spray before drying.

Blunt bob

When you're ready for a new cut, but can't decide which way to go, a bob is always easy and chic. It also seems to never go out of style. 

"I love this cut! A classic blunt bob is one of my favorites and always chic," Dahlstrom told me. "This style is all about precision so when sitting in the hair chair, remember to remain still and sit nice and straight for your stylist! Once this cut is in place, it's an easy one to smooth with a flat iron and finish off with a bit of  TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum."


The slicked back look

If you're a Kardashian fan (and even if you're not), then you're familiar with the slicked back look. "As perfected by Kim Kardashian and her sisters, this look is simple to achieve and works best with medium to thick locks," Gallegos told me. "If your hair is too thin, it will appear too weighed down."


This look is perfect for summer, because you can leave product in your hair to prevent it from frizzing in the heat. "The trick is to make your hair look wet without actually being wet," explained Gallegos. "When you just get out of the shower, while your hair is still damp, apply a couple pumps of mousse and strong-hold gel into your palms first, then stroke through the crown of your head to get the style to hold."

Asymmetrical bob

Opting for an asymmetrical bob gives you that stylish look while still keeping you cool all summer long. "An asymmetrical bob is a great choice, because you still get all the fun of slightly longer hair without all the added bulk hanging on your neck on a hot sticky day," artistic director and Master Hair Designer at Gordon Salon Holly Pistas told me. 


"A versatile style for the summer, the bob can be worn more polished for a professional setting or slightly messy for a fun night out. Soft trendy beach waves look great on this style, because they give it a little flair. Plus, waves last longer on a bob because the weight of the hair isn't dragging down the style."

Care for your hair

No matter what hairstyle you choose this summer, make sure you're taking great care of your locks and scalp. The experts agree that it doesn't matter if you have the perfect style when your hair is dull, and the split ends are out of control. Start with a quality conditioner, and always apply sunscreen to any exposed areas of your scalp. Minimize the amount of heat you use when styling, and ask your stylist about the best ways to condition it.