This TikTok Hair Curling Hack Went Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

TikTok hacks go viral all the time, but sometimes it isn't for the right reasons. The truth about the TikTok algorithm is that it ultimately doesn't care whether a hack actually works or not. Rather, if people are talking about a certain hack or trend, the algorithm is going to promote it to get even more eyes on it and therefore even more people talking about it (via The New York Times). After all, disdainful chatter is still chatter.

Nevertheless, TikTok users do deliver worthwhile hacks sometimes that aren't posted solely for views or virality (we even collected the best TikTok life hacks of 2021 because some of them truly changed our daily lives). However, the biggest warning one must take when considering attempting a life hack found on the short-form video platform is how safe and/or practical it is.

Currently, a hair curling hack is going viral on TikTok, and it's not for the most positive reasons. Here's what people are saying.

This hack shows the wrong and right way to use rollers

The truth about curly hair is that it's stunning. It may not always be the easiest to manage, but when styled properly, it brings out one's eyes and other facial features and altogether makes them appear radiant. However, you must first understand the different types of curly hair before you try styling yours or you could find yourself facing a hair disaster (via Allure).

This is where one TikTok user, @audreyvictoria_, tried to help her followers. In a video posted to her account on January 4, Victoria explained that many put their rollers into their hair the "wrong" way — the traditional manner in which you roll your hair around the roller upward until it's sitting at your scalp — and offered a better way to wear them. Victoria then demonstrated a maneuver in which she began rolling her hair like the traditional method, but then spun the roller around a few times to loosely tie her hair to keep the roller in place.

Naturally, users were skeptical. Some users immediately began commenting asking for her results, wondering whether they should try it. Others simply stated that this was a bad move. Victoria replied to one comment, further explaining, "The 'wrong' way always makes them super messy & loose, which weakens the curl/wave." Still, some weren't convinced. "Yeah no," @kaeshaelise wrote, while @jessicalouise5234 said, "Guys believe me if u have enough tension they will be secure. Just look up [YouTube] vids I'm a training hairdresser and this is unnecessary it's so easy."

So, what do you think about this curly hair hack?