Here's Where Meet Kevin Really Earned His Money

Netflix isn't the only place capitalising on the popularity of real estate with their "Selling Sunset" franchise (via ET Canada), as YouTube has long been the place for realtors to flourish. Realtor Kevin Paffrath's channel Meet Kevin is a case in point, as he's managed to accumulate nearly 2 million subscribers since joining the platform in 2018, according to Social Blade. According to Net Worth Spot, Paffrath can earn up to $707.95 thousand a year from YouTube views alone, as well as Google's AdSense program.

Paffrath also sells teaching courses centred around his real estate expertise via the platform Teachable. According to Net Worth Spot, the realtor can earn around $300,000 a month from the courses he provides, with an additional $80,000 a month from affiliate programs.

Paffrath's estimated net worth sits around $32 million according to The Wealthy Niche. However, a large chunk of his earnings come from his actual profession as a realtor, rather than just from YouTube and his Teachable courses alone.

Meet Kevin earns the majority of his income offline

Kevin Paffrath's main income unsurprisingly comes from his real estate investments. According to Financhill, Paffrath has sold more than $60 million worth of real estate in the past three years, and continues to flourish in the real estate industry. Currently, he and his wife Lauren own 22 properties in Southern California (via CNBC) with 20 being rentals, one in escrow, and the one they live in as a family. As of November 2020, the couple earned over $1 million a month for the first time lending to their massive net worth as a couple.

Paffrath reportedly earns an estimated $600,000 a year through real estate commissions alone, per The Wealthy Niche, and has reportedly sold over $100 million in real estate in the past five years. According to Techie + Gamers, Paffrath and his wife forgo savings accounts and invest their money back into their business or into the stock market. The realtor has reportedly got a $30 million investment in the stock market, according to Nail Buzz, which Paffrath started contributing to at 16-years-old when he began purchasing Apple stock with the money he earned from a job at Jamba Juice, per The Wealthy Niche.