Lines From Past General Hospital Seasons That Wouldn't Fly Today

"General Hospital" has been a staple in the soap opera world since it first debuted in 1963 (via Newsweek). Other than the British soap "Coronation Street," it is the world's longest-running soap opera. The show is centered around two main families, the Quartermaines and Spencers, and has produced a few less successful spin-offs.

While the show has been on the air for over 50 years with no end in sight, fans still can't get enough of it (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet). While viewers may grow tired of the show's short-lived on-screen relationships or the constant use of silly, fake social media sites, for the most part, they are still on board with the show.

Given how long it's been on the air, there have been some controversial moments. However, there is one episode in particular that has featured some lines that have aged poorly. The controversial episode is centered around a marriage that certainly wouldn't have gotten the green light on television today.

Luke and Laura's union is extremely controversial

By far, the show's most controversial storyline was the marriage between Luke Spencer and Laura Webber in the 1980s (via TV Insider). Then, fans tuned in at record numbers to watch the nuptials, but now, fans would have not been on board with their union.

While Luke and Laura's wedding set record ratings, their union was controversial. According to TV Line, the couple's first run-in with one another was violent. Luke actually raped Laura when they met. While that would certainly lead him to become a villain by today's standards, Luke would go on to be a leading character on the show, and marry Laura in a strange turn of events.

During their wedding, the officiant said lines that would not fly today. Instead of acknowledging how heartbreaking their initial meeting was for Laura, he said, "The two young people before us, through their love for one another, remind us of what it is that makes life precious to all of us — love, loyalty, and courage," adding, "Together in the face of extreme danger to themselves, they overcame powerful forces that sought to destroy Port Charles and its people, even the entire world."

An executive producer for the show, Wendy Riche, said, "It was not acceptable then, no matter what the town said or the press said," adding, It is not acceptable to take control over another person's body under any circumstance." At least they realized how upsetting this storyline was.

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A love triangle between cousins

"General Hospital" had a controversial storyline that boarded incest. According to Fame 10, character Georgie Jones had a crush on someone, but not just anyone. It was her own cousin, Lucas Jones. While the pair were related strictly through adoption, not by blood, it was still a bit awkward. She developed these feelings for Lucas after helping him realize he had dyslexia. They would even go to prom together!

The storyline got even worse when Georgie's sister, Maxie, became involved. It turned into this strange cousin's love triangle (via Soaps In Depth). Lucas ended up being more interested in Maxie than he was Georgie, and would eventually have a steamy make out scene with her, which was orchestrated by Maxie to make Georgie jealous.

Sure, they weren't biologically related, but still. This type of storyline likely wouldn't fly today. Even in 2002, when the storyline was originally airing, fans were a bit put off by this bizarre love triangle.

Fans were upset when a character failed to give her sick father medication

Another controversial "General Hospital" storyline came when Tracy Quartermaine, the daughter of Edward Quartermaine, failed to give her father his medication (via Fame 10). The motivation behind her actions came from the fear she had that her son, Ned, would be left out of her family's fortune now that she had a strained relationship with her father.

Believing that she and her son would be axed from the large Quartermaine estate, Tracy contemplated not giving her sick father his medicine, aware he was in the process of creating a new will that would leave her and Ned without the money they felt they deserved.

However, it was all a test on Edward's part. According to Soaps in Depth, Edward had a feeling his daughter was up to no good. So, like anyone else, he faked a heart attack and tested her to see if she would give him his much-needed medication. When she failed to give her father the medication, Edward cut her out of the family. Edward passed away of natural causes on the show in 2012 and the fight over his estate would continue to be the main storyline.

The storyline left fans reeling at the fact that a daughter would treat her father this way, especially over money.