This Is How An Aquarius Shows Love

Some zodiac signs are natural lovers, and this isn't necessarily the case for Aquarius. It isn't exactly wrong either, though. Aquarians love their passions more than anything in the world, and, as an air sign, they follow the breeze wherever they need to go in order to achieve their goals (via Allure). They're also typically passionate about helping people, so they do display love, just not always to those close to them. This love with their loved ones can get lost in the shuffle of achieving dreams, figuring themselves out, and doing their best for others.

Because of their complicated relationship with love that affects not only their significant others but also their friends and family, Aquarius' should marry a certain type of person that will understand their dispositions in this way. (Therefore, there are also types of people Aquarius' shouldn't marry.) Still, if an Aquarius really feels strongly about you, they'll put forth the effort to make your relationship work no matter if it's platonic, romantic, or familial. Sometimes you just have to catch their attention first.

Love from an Aquarius is loyal

Aquarius is a very free-spirited sign. So they should ask certain questions on first dates to ensure that their potential lover isn't going to hold them back in life. (Still, Aquarius signs should know that they'll have to make sacrifices in love and life.) Once they fall for you, though, Aquarius will always let you know that they love you.

According to, Aquarius' particularly show love by examining and letting you know what tattoos or piercings would look good on you. They may specifically scan your shoulders and other noticeable parts of the body to offer their opinion. Just keep in mind that their opinion is just that. Bustle adds that Aquarius' show their soft sides to their loved ones. If an Aquarius isn't soft with you, they may not feel comfortable yet. Or they're simply not the one for you. In any case, being cutesy is a simple but effective sign of love from an Aquarius.

An Aquarius is unconventional in the ways they show love. They'll do both big displays of affection as well as small tasks like bringing you food or making sure you're drinking water (via YourTango). These may depend on their mood, but Aquarians are believers that both the big and small things in life matter, so they take care of their loved ones with this same ideology. Ultimately, Aquarius' are a loyal sign, so if you see these signs, you know you've won their heart for good.