Philip And Chloe From Days Of Our Lives: Relationship Timeline

"Days of Our Lives" has become known for its epic love stories. The NBC soap opera may deliver the drama when it comes to storylines such as exorcisms, serial killers, and switched paternity tests. However, the sudser also knows how to go heavy on the romance. There have been so many exciting super couples on "DOOL" over the years such as Bo and Hope Brady, Steve and Kayla Johnson, Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis, John Black and Marlena Evans, and Chad DiMera and Abigail Deveraux (via Soap Hub).

However, there is one couple that could never seem to get things right, even when fans were rooting hard for them to settle their differences and find their way back to each other. Philip Kiriakis and Chloe Lane were high school sweethearts, and although they've shared some seriously steamy and intense moments together. The pair just haven't been able to settle down and make it work.

Philip and Chloe had a rocky start as teenagers

Philip Kiriakis started stirring up drama on "Days of Our Lives" from his birth. Philip's mother, Kate Roberts was unable to get pregnant so she and her husband, Victor Kiriakis, had their embryos manufactured by a doctor. However, Kate's enemy, Vivian Alamain, ended up being implanted with the embryos and eventually gave birth to Philip in hopes of getting close to Victor. Philip became a staple on "DOOL" when the character was in high school. He was a snobby rich kid, who eventually fell for Chloe Lane, a gothic loner who was the subject of bullying at the school (via She Knows Soaps). Once the two began to know each other they fell hard. However, things weren't easy for the pair.

Chloe falsely accused Philip of rape, and after they settled their differences Philip ended things with Chloe again after nude photos of her appeared on the internet (via Soap Digest). Meanwhile, Philip continued to carry a torch for Chloe, who eventually moved on to Brady Black. Chloe and Brady got married and Philip left Salem to join the military.

Pregnancy and cheating turned Philip and Chloe's lives upside down

Once Philip returned to Salem, "Days of Our Lives" fans quickly realized that he still had feelings for Chloe. Although Philip had a short marriage to Belle Black, his love for Chloe never faded away. The two engaged in another fling that ended quickly before Philip moved on to Melanie Jonas. However, Philip and Melanie tied the knot, but Philip ended up cheating on his wife with Chloe. Chloe later found out she was pregnant and a paternity test confirmed that the baby was Philip's, but someone changed the results and Chloe went on to raise the baby, a son named Parker, with Daniel Jonas. Later, Caroline Brady admitted that she had switched the test results and that Philip was the baby's father (via Celeb Dirty Laundry).

Daniel left Chloe and Philip turned his attention to his former flame. Sadly, Chloe was suffering from severe depression and even tried to kill herself by jumping off of a bridge. Philip saved her life, and she eventually signed over custody of Parker to Philip, who took the little boy and moved to Chicago, per She Knows Soaps. It was later discovered that Parker didn't belong to Philip, and that Daniel was actually his father. Philip eventually left Salem yet again.

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Jealousy and a fake murder plot ruin Philip and Chloe's chances at love

In 2020, Philip Kiriakis returned to Salem and "Days of Our Lives” fans were thrilled. Of course, the character immediately started causing drama when he blackmailed his own father, Victor, to earn the title of CEO at Titan Industries (via She Knows Soaps). Philip eventually started to gravitate towards Chloe yet again, and the pair reunited. This time around they got serious. However, Philip was forced to compete for Chloe's love with Brady Black yet again. Philip began to get jealous and paranoid of Chloe and Brady's friendship and working relationship.

Philip eventually went off the deep end when he believed that Chloe and Brady were having an affair behind his back. He devised a plan to fake his death and frame Brady for his murder. Of course, his mother Kate Roberts was also let in on the secret. It seems that Chloe and Philip have such strong love for one another, but they can never seem to get the timing right. Only time will tell if the couple will ever be able to settle down and make a life together.