Alternatives You Can Use If You Don't Have Any Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers have become the bane of our existence since COVID-19 took over the world in 2020. We always knew there were germs and viruses everywhere, but the fear of spreading those microorganisms and getting sick with COVID-19 has made us hypervigilant about using hand sanitizer. However, note that hand sanitizers cannot remove harmful chemicals such as pesticides and heavy metals like lead, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Nothing beats washing your hands with soap and water, but a hand sanitizer can be your best bet when you don't have access to that.

Do you remember when stores ran out of hand sanitizers in 2020? That is because everyone started buying them in bulk due to panic. The hand sanitizer market exceeded $4 billion in 2020 due to government initiatives and campaigns to promote the importance of personal hygiene and prevent the spread of COVID-19 (via Global Market Insights). The hand sanitizer market is booming, with companies creating hand sanitizers with moisturizing ingredients that don't smell like pure alcohol. Allure loves Dove Lavender and Chamomile Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer because it cleans and moisturizes your hands to keep you feeling safe. But, what do we do when we can't find soap and water or hand sanitizer? Some alternatives work just (or almost) as well as hand sanitizer and are also portable.

The best alternatives to hand sanitizer

We live in a world where some might panic if they noticed that they didn't have hand sanitizer with them and would run to the closest store to find one to feel safe. Nothing compares to washing your hands, but there are some alternatives to hand sanitizer that you may not have heard of before.

Ladders recommend Byredo Rose Rinse-Free Hand Wash ($37) because it can clean and refresh your hands with just one drop. It is moisturizing and leaves your hands smelling like a spa. However, it only has 30% alcohol, which is lower than CDC's guidelines of 60% to be efficient, but it's better than nothing.

Before purchasing sanitary products, it is essential to check if it has the right ingredients. Vale recommends looking for an antiseptic spray that contains chlorhexidine gluconate or just chlorhexidine to clean the hands. Medi-First Antiseptic Spray ($2) is a great option, and it's affordable. Steamy Kitchen loves the Welmedix No-Rinse Cleansing Foam ($25.95 for 3 bottles) because it cleans your skin and is not irritating. Make sure to rub the foam all over your hands for 20 seconds. The Soccer Mom Blog recommends Everclear, which is a brand of grain alcohol. You want to choose their weakest version, which is 60% alcohol, so it can kill all the germs. Just remember to moisturize your hands after as it can dry your skin and it is flammable, so don't play around with fire when you use this.