Body Language Experts Analyze What Your Feet Reveal About You

The body has a way of letting you know how it truly feels about something or someone (via Day Interpreting). For instance, your body language can attract people to you, and if interpreted the right way by others, it could be the beginning of something exceptional between you and them.

However, as far as body language is concerned, we mostly only pay attention to eyes, shoulders, and hands, often ignoring feet (via Psych Mechanics). In reality, feet can be as revealing as eyes — giving your thoughts away and showing how you really feel inside even when you are not vocalizing those thoughts, per Forbes. As a matter of fact, the feet do a good job disclosing your mood (via LX).

While speaking with Ladders, celebrity communication expert, and body language and confidence coach, Karen Donaldson, said, ​​"Some of the celebrities that I've analyzed have been trained quite well by their communications or PR people to present a certain persona to the public." She further added that "while we can manipulate and be intentional with our hands, using open and closed body language gestures, etc., the feet are the last place people think about. In fact, the feet can signal if a person wants to be in a certain setting or in the presence of someone or not."

Read on to find out more about what they experts say your feet can tell others.

What your feet are saying to others during a conversation

The way you position your feet and the direction they face when communicating with people can indicate whether you're interested in the conversation or if you're going to jump out of the room at the slightest opportunity you get (via Forensics Colleges).

Putting one of your feet forward in the direction of the person you're talking to suggests that you are captivated by them (via Psych Mechanics). If the conversation is amongst a group of people, the one with the most fascinating and charming personality will have more feet pointed in their direction (via Science of People). On the flip side, if your foot isn't pointing at them but toward the exit, whether you're standing or sitting, it means that you really can't wait to be out of the room (via Real Simple).

Your toes are likely to point upward when you are enjoying having a chat with someone or a group of people, per Psych Mechanics. In a situation where your feet are crossed, you may be suggesting to your audience that you are feeling uncomfortable around them, per Science of People.

According to ​Vanessa Van Edwards, a behavioral investigator and founder of Science of People, "We have three different body 'windows' –- the legs, the torso, and the head." She further notes that "anytime something is blocking one of these windows, it usually means someone is holding back, less relaxed or trying to protect themselves," per Bustle.