Hilarious Times That Curious Dogs Got More Than They Bargained For

Dogs have been man's best friend for centuries. The relationship between humans and dogs goes back thousands of years to when humans were building their first settlements. Dogs have come a long way since the first wolves were domesticated. Today, there are hundreds of distinct breeds of dogs recognized, each one with their own unique qualities. 

There's no question that humans love dogs, and for good reason. Not only are they steadfast companions, but they are also an endless source of entertainment. These hilarious dogs prove that dog is not just man's best friend but may also be the funniest.

Falling down the stairs

This adorable little ball of fluff is about as cute as they come, but this is not a case where beauty meets grace. As if tumbling down the stairs isn't embarrassing enough, it was caught on video and then put into slow motion so that you can appreciate every hilarious second.

Trying to jump

Dogs have a lot of traits that make them great pets. They have excellent noses, which make them good at finding things, can guard your home from intruders, and are endlessly loyal. One thing many canines lack, though, is agility. This dog makes a brave attempt at jumping onto the sofa, only to completely face-plant before quickly recovering like nothing ever happened. 

"What are you laughing at?"

Caught at the scene of the crime

Dogs may get into some trouble, but they are far from criminal masterminds. This dog wreaked havoc on his home while his family was away. He probably hoped one of the other dogs in the house would take the blame, but when he is caught at the scene of the crime it's pretty clear he's the culprit, despite what may have been a feeble attempt to hide. He was certainly sent to the doghouse after the incident; let's hope he got some time off of his sentence for being cute.

Playing with food

While human kids may be taught not to play with their food, this dog parent actually wants his dog to play catch with it. Fritz the dog has become infamous on YouTube for his inability to catch food, or anything else. His YouTube channel features many videos of him trying to learn to catch food in his mouth — and hilariously failing. His attempts have gotten millions of views and inspired at least one parody video of humans learning to catch things with their mouths. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. But Fritz is still the cutest. 

Getting cat-slapped

If you've never met a feisty feline, you should know that rule number one is to never get in their face. Seriously — do not mess with cats. They are very protective of their territory, and approaching them when they want to be left alone usually does not end well. This poor dog found out the hard way that if you sniff a cat, you might get slapped.

Robot dog slipping

Thanks to modern technology, robot dogs are now a thing! This robot dog is proving to be just as clumsy as his flesh-and-blood counterparts. He clearly needs to have some knowledge of comedy sketches uploaded to his hard drive, because everyone knows you need to watch out for slippery banana peels!

Sliding down the hill

If you thought only children could enjoy snow sledding, think again. This dog clearly isn't afraid of the cold. In fact, he can't get enough of it! While an icy, snow-covered hill might prove to be too slippery for most, this dog enjoys sliding down it... over and over again. And he doesn't even need the sled!

Dogs react to barking humans

Dogs and humans may have a special bond, but they still haven't bridged the communication gap. This guy tried to meet dogs on their own level by barking instead of speaking. The confusion these dogs experience at seeing a barking human is priceless.

Stealing food

This sneaky food thief bit off a little more than he could chew when he stole his owner's lunch. While the food was eventually returned, it's safe to say that the owner no longer wanted it after discovering where her pooch had hidden the sandwich.

Learning to swim

This video is proof that dogs aren't just funny on land, they're also a riot in the water. Seeing these pups get wet gives the term "dog paddling" a whole new meaning. Some people might dream of swimming with dolphins, but it's clear that dogs also make great water-side companions. 

Pushed down the stairs

It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, and this dog is focused on taking out its competitors. You wouldn't think that such a small and innocent looking puppy could be so aggressive, so I'm going to choose to believe that this was a play-fight that got out of control. Fortunately, neither dog involved in this stair-pushing incident was hurt, so you don't have to feel bad laughing at this treacherous moment caught on film.

Give these dogs a treat!

These dogs deserve a round of applause for providing us with so much amusement. While most, if not all, of them probably didn't know they were being filmed, they would be happy to know that they bring so much joy to their owners and to people around the world. Dogs are endlessly devoted to their human companions and just want to make us happy. I think you'll agree that these dogs certainly accomplished that mission!