Body Language Expert Reveals First Date Behaviors That Indicate They're Into You

Having to wonder if someone is into you, particularly on a first date, can be a bit touch and go. Heck, everything about putting yourself out there and meeting new people can sometimes be a little awkward, per Women's Health.

Back to first dates: The pressure is almost always there — to be perfect and to put your best foot forward in your appearance (via Psychology Today) — even without adding the uncertainty that you are probably meeting this person for what may be the first and last time. When you then bring in the question of whether your date might be into you or not, you get an idea why many people end up making rookie first date mistakes.

But knowing whether the person you're on a first date with actually likes you, does not have to be so difficult. According to body language expert Joe Navarro who was previously employed by the FBI, if you know what to look out for, you can enjoy a wonderful first date, and end the night (or day) with a clear idea of whether your date would like to pursue their interest in you or if you should not bother expecting a second date.

The signs that say your date is so into you

First-date jitters are normal, said Joe Navarro, a former FBI agent, in an interview with WIRED. In the video, he explains that when you meet someone new, their limbic system, which is responsible for emotional and behavioral responses kicks in (via Physiopedia). In essence, their body is automatically trying to look for clues on whether you are someone they can be safe with — at least for the duration of that date.

Subconsciously, the visual cortex also comes into play as a process called visual scanning begins, Navarro explains. This is the process where your date is checking you out to decide if you are someone they can have what the expert calls a "harmonious moment" with. The visual cortex's duty is to interpret to the brain what the eyes see, per NCBI. So if your date's eyes seem to be darting from your eyes to your nose, lips, throat and back up to your eyes again, chances are that they like what they're seeing and they're into you, because the more attracted people are to something, the more they do the visual scanning thing, says Navarro.

Another thing that can portray your date's attraction is when they reach out to touch you or even if they're just fiddling with other things — their hair, knees, watch, purse, etc. This stage is the "comfort zone," Navarro explains. That's a good way to gauge how well they're into you or not.