General Hospital Relationship Timeline: Liz And Lucky

Luke and Laura Spencer, played by Tony Geary and Genie Francis, are the two characters that saved "General Hospital" from certain death in the early 1980s when ABC wanted to cancel the soap. Their pairing, that began with a rape that was rewritten as a seduction, rescued the show's ratings and turned it into a pop culture phenomenon, culminating in the Luke and Laura wedding in 1981 that became the most-watched episode of a soap opera ever, according to TV Insider.

A dozen years after that wedding following Luke and Laura living outside the fictional town or Port Charles for years, "GH" introduced us to their son, Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Jr, also known as Lucky (via Soaps In Depth). The couple and their son moved back to the town where they met and Lucky eventually became part of the Port Charles teen scene, embarking on a love story of his own that lasted decades and that some fans still wish would resume. While Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) is still an integral part of the "General Hospital" canvas, as of this writing, Lucky Spencer (first played by Jonathan Jackson in 1993 and last played by him in 2015) is not, but that doesn't mean their relationship doesn't live on.

Lucky and Elizabeth bond after Elizabeth is raped

When Elizabeth Webber first arrived in Port Charles to live with her grandmother, Audrey Hardy (Rachel Ames), she had quite the rebellious streak, but quickly developed a crush on Lucky Spencer — someone who already had a crush on her sister, Sarah Webber (Jennifer Sky). However, when Elizabeth was raped one night by a stranger in the park, it was Lucky who found her, took care of her, and comforted her through the ordeal as the two sweetly fell in love.

Seeing Liz through her recovery was a traumatic time for Lucky, as well, as that is when his parents had to confess to him that their relationship began with a rape. Lucky was so devastated to learn the truth that he moved out on his parents and into an abandoned train box car where he and Elizabeth eventually shared their very first kiss, according to Soap Hub.

Lucky and Elizabeth get married — in their hearts and for real

Although they were both still in their teens, Elizabeth and Lucky planned to marry one day, but took vows with one another alone one night in a church before they could make it legal. However, when the bike shop Lucky worked in was set ablaze, he was presumed dead and Liz had to go on with life on her own while mourning the boy she loved. Since this is a soap and dead is never really dead, Lucky did end up turning up alive, but by then he was brainwashed by the evil Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) and doing her bidding, according to Soap Hub.

Once Lucky broke free from Helena's mind control, Elizabeth and Lucky were finally free to marry for real. By then, Elizabeth already had a son with Zander Smith (Chad Brannon) named Cameron, and Lucky agreed to raise him as his own.

Things don't go smooth for Lucky and Elizabeth's marriages

When Elizabeth and Lucky married for the first time, things didn't go well at all. The pair struggled financially, and when Elizabeth agreed to be a surrogate for Jasper Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) and Courtney Matthews (Alicia Willis)  to make some extra cash, Lucky was not happy at all (via Soaps In Depth). She miscarried that baby, but by then, Lucky was addicted to painkillers and they divorced. While apart, Elizabeth became involved with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and got pregnant with his child. Because Jason was in the mob, Lucky agreed to be Elizabeth's baby's legal father and they wed again. When Jake was born, Jason gave up his rights and Liz and Lucky had two sons to raise.

Sadly, their second try at marriage went just as bad as their first when Elizabeth had an affair with Lucky's half-brother, Nikolas Cassadine (then played by Tyler Christopher), and became pregnant. The baby, Aiden, turned out to be Lucky's but soon tragedy struck when little Jake was killed in a hit and run accident (via Soap Hub). Lucky couldn't deal with Jake's death and ran off to Europe to find himself, leaving Elizabeth all alone.

Elizabeth gets a miracle but she does not get Lucky back

The last time Elizabeth and fans saw Lucky Spencer, he had found young Jake alive and well and living as Helena Cassadine's hostage. He brought the boy back to Port Charles and Elizabeth, but soon left for Europe again, leaving Elizabeth to raise all three of the sons that were legally his in 2015 (via Soaps In Depth). Sometimes we learn that Aiden visits his dad overseas and has Zoom calls with him, but that's about it. Even after Luke Spencer's alleged death and subsequent funeral in early 2022, Lucky didn't show his face because a viral outbreak in the African village he lives in kept him from getting on the plane.

As for Elizabeth, she found love again with Franco Baldwin, until he was tragically killed by the crazed Peter August in 2021 (via Soap Hub). She is trying to move on again with Hamilton Finn, but she will always have a space for Lucky Spencer in her heart.