The Truth About Million Dollar Hustle's Stormy Wellington

On January 29, Lifetime will debut a brand new docuseries called "Million Dollar Hustle." According to Deadline, "Million Dollar Hustle" features author, entrepreneur, and self-made millionaire Stormy Wellington and a group of leaders — called the Circle of Bosses — that includes Dianna Williams, Maniya Essence Canty (Wellington's daughter), Nathalie Nicole Smith, Bawselady, Tammy Price, Bianca Shadai, and Ana Cantera.

"As one of the top moguls in transformational marketing, Stormy now coaches women to help them dramatically change their lives, both personally and professionally," a description of the show by Lifetime reads, per Deadline. "After overcoming extreme adversity in her own life, Stormy inspires the women and drives them to hustle and break generational curses. The 10-episode series follows the Circle of Bosses as they battle it out to win challenges and bring in the dollars, all the while fighting to keep their place within Stormy's inner circle."

Drama has already begun to swirl around the production of "Million Dollar Hustle." According to The Jasmine Brand, Wellington and her 21-year-old daughter, Canty, have a falling out that actually occurs during the filming of the show. In an Instagram live, Canty revealed that her mother had kicked her out of the house after she unknowingly had dinner with a woman that her mother did not like. "You don't do that to your child!" Canty said in an Instagram live, per The Jasmine Brand. "Y'all keep texting, 'She loves you. She loves you. She loves you.' Yes, that's my mom! I'm sure she loves me but she got a very weird way of showing it."

Wellington helps people increase their financial and spiritual wellbeing

Before she began helping people reach their financial goals, Stormy Wellington was struggling to keep her own head above water. According to Wellington's personal website, Wellington grew up moving from home to home in an unstable environment that, at one point, included foster care. After dropping out of high school in the ninth grade, working at a strip club at 13 years old to provide for her family, and becoming a young mother at 15 years old, Wellington managed to turn her life around. Years later, Wellington is a self-made millionaire and is coaching others to reach their financial and spiritual goals through several entrepreneurial endeavors, including Girl Hold My Hand Inc., Economic Excellence, 1000 Families, and CBD company, Wells CBD, according to Motivation.

Through Girl Hold My Hand Inc., Wellington provides coaching services to women all over the world looking to build their own self-esteem. Economic Excellence and 1000 Families are financial-based projects launched by Wellington that aim to bolster a level of economic success for Black people and other minorities, per Motivation. "As a Black woman who comes from where I come from, and has been through what I've been through, I didn't see anyone make it out," Wellington told Motivation. "So I decided that once I got out, I was gonna show my peers, my friends, my family and my community that if I could do it, they could do it to. My goal is to always be the example, never the excuse."