Here's How Selling The Hamptons Stars JB Andreassi And Michael Fulfree Met - Exclusive

Imagine getting to spend the entire day with your best friend and making money while doing so. It's something that JB Andreassi and Michael Fulfree get to do on a daily basis as real estate agents and stars of "Selling the Hamptons."

However, now that they happen to both be established on the East Coast, it isn't all fun and games when you combine BFFs and business. This season, we get to see these two go head to head on a deal where millions of dollars are on the line. "We're not used to that," Andreassi admitted during an exclusive interview with The List. "Most of the time, Michael and I are just laughing and sharing a beer and watching a game, but we've come a long way in our real estate careers where we're actually transacting together and on opposite sides of a deal."

Though these two have only been working side by side for a few years, they've actually known each other since they were 15 years old.

JB Andreassi and Michael Fulfree went to high school together

JB Andreassi and Michael Fulfree first met all the way back in high school. Each day, Andreassi would travel from Southampton to St. Anthony's in Long Island to attend his classes. "School was an hour away, so I didn't know anyone," he told The List.

It was when "this big, humongous, framed person" approached him that things completely changed for the freshman. This teen happened to be a student named Michael Fulfree. "He took me under his wing," Andreassi explained. "He's like, 'All right, buddy, I got you. I'm going to show you my friends that came from this town, and you'll get it going from there.'"

Before Fulfree helped Andreassi break into real estate in the Hamptons, he taught him to come out of his shell in school all those years ago. "I was shy back then," Andreassi said. "And now he's helped me break out of that." Today, we've gotten to see these two break into reality television together on "Selling the Hamptons."

"Selling the Hamptons" is available to stream now on discovery+.