Where Are The Brothers Who Both Played George Crawley In Downton Abbey Now?

As iconic as the adult characters of "Downton Abbey" have become, they have nothing on the adorable bundles of joy that the child stars brought to the screen. While most of the children of "Downton Abbey" live a stress-free life, there's one member of the clan that has a very important future ahead of him. As the closest male relative to the Earl of Grantham (via Downton Abbey Wiki), George Crawley is set to inherit the title and the estate following the death of his father Matthew on the day of his birth.

Per Collider, Matthew, played by Dan Stevens, left "Downton Abbey" in 2012 to avoid being typecast in a period drama role, US Weekly reported. Since then, George and his mother Mary Talbot (Michelle Dockery) have continued the family torch and the pair have become beloved characters of the series. And as fans prepare for the next instalment of the franchise, "Downton Abbey: A New Era" (via IMDB), here's where the brothers who both played George Crawley are now.

Oliver and Zac Barker are actually triplets

When George Crawley first appeared in the fourth season of "Downton Abbey," the character was played by brothers Logan and Cole Weston (via BBC News). Since their appearance on the series, it seems they've stopped acting altogether. As George continued to grow through the series run, a new set of twins were cast to play the toddler in season five. Oliver and Zac Barker took on the role, which they continued into the show's sixth and final season, as well as the 2015 Christmas Special, according to Downton Abbey Wiki. The pair appeared in the 2019 "Downton Abbey" film, reprising their role as George, per IMDB.

While it's unclear whether the twins will reappear in the 2022 outing, the brothers did play a young Charlie Hunnam in "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword" in 2017 (via IMDB). But since the last "Downton" film, the duo haven't starred in anything else. Instead, they've been living a normal childhood with their sister Megan, who is actually their triplet.

As Hello Magazine notes, their mum Clare shares their adventures on Instagram under the handle @barkertriplets. Both Oliver and Zac are growing up so quickly, alongside their sister Megan. Clare often posts throwbacks of the two as George on "Downton" from time to time, but has yet to confirm whether they'll be in the new movie.