The Ultimate Tiger-Themed Gift Guide To Kick Off Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is an annual holiday traditional to China and other Asian countries. As the name suggests, the holiday is associated with the moon's phases — the lunar calendar. Lunar New Year is a festival-style holiday that begins on the day of the first new moon of the lunar calendar, ending 15 days later when the full moon makes its appearance. It's a joyous, celebratory time focused on ushering in good fortune and health through family traditions, including feasts, fireworks, and a Lantern Festival. In fact, it's traditional for younger family members to receive red envelopes (lai see) with a small amount of money.

Another noteworthy aspect of the holiday is that each new year is associated with a new animal from the Chinese Zodiac. For example, 2022 is the Year of the Tiger, and PureWow reminds everyone that it's symbolic of adventure and making bold changes. If you're looking to join in the festivities, follow the advice of China Highlights and use traditional colors — red, gold, and yellow — as often as possible.

According to the BBC, Lunar New Year is celebrated by more than a billion people worldwide. So, whether it's a tradition your family and friends already celebrate or you're looking to experience a new-to-you holiday, here's a curated collection of Lunar New Year gifts to kick-start The Year of the Tiger.

Red and yellow are great choices for Lunar New Year Gifts

The travel experts at China Highlights rank tea as the best gift for Lunar New Year. Luckily, the master tea blenders at Harney & Sons created a gift-worthy tin to celebrate the holiday. The oolong blend is balanced with ginger, fruits, and lemon. In contrast, if you're looking for a fun spin on the traditional gift of alcohol, grab the Apricot Brandy Body Cream from Barefoot Venus. It's created with Elder Flower extract, silk amino acids, and macadamia and sweet almond oils.

This robe eschews tradition but makes a cozy gift

This tiger robe from California Cowboys is loaded with features, including a water-resistant pocket as well as a bottle pocket. The Robb Report applauds its royal feel, and there's something to be said of kicking off the Lunar New Year in luxe-lounge style. Although white is associated with being unlucky, the robe is magnificent and a great fit for someone who does not strictly adhere to the tradition.

These adorable tigers are perfect for gifting

Look at this little caped tiger! This cutie from Estella is created by makers in Peru and is hand-knit, which makes it a very special Lunar New Year gift for children or anyone who cherishes artisanal delights. Keeping on with the adorable aesthetic, Radley London's hand-stitched collectible mini purse is another lovely way to invite prosperity into the new year. Tuck in a Year of the Tiger coin to make it extra special. Even more, with leather goods making appearances on Lunar New Year gift guides like W Magazine, it's as trendy as it is traditional.

Celebrate the Year of the Tiger in style

No one would blame you if you kept these tiger pajamas for yourself. Print Fresh offers multiple tiger print options across their line of pajama sets, shorts, capris, and full-length bottoms. So, follow Vogue's advice and gift something cozy for Lunar New Year. Or, maybe you're looking for something tiger-themed that channels the animal's fierceness. If so, Lanvin's tiger-framed sunglasses are the perfect Year of the Tiger splurge.

Give a Lunar New Year gift that adds comfort to the home

Lunar New Year gift guides such as Cosmopolitan and Glamour often include candles. In line with those recommendations, Glasshouse Fragrances offered a commemorative candle. It's scented with camellia and lotus, symbolic of purity, honor, and lasting life — a thoughtful sentiment during the holiday.

And lastly, Well + Good suggests a variety of cozy gifts this year. With that, the tiger-themed woven throw from Frankie Print Co. is a whimsical gift that adds warmth and comfort to any home.