How This Kiss Became One Of Faith Hill's Most Iconic Songs

As one of the most successful country artists in the world, Faith Hill has a lot of hits up her sleeve. But there's one song in particular that every music lover will know from the singer, and that's her 1998 hit "This Kiss." Released as the lead single on her third studio album "Faith," the song catapulted Hill to international recognition and remains one of her most popular songs today.

With over 100 million streams on Spotify and nearly 15 million views on YouTube, "This Kiss" obviously still resonates with listeners over two decades after its release. Dozens of artists have covered the song as well, including an impromptu cover by Taylor Swift and Haim to celebrate Este Haim's birthday in 2015 (via YouTube).

It's clear that, although the song debuted way back in 1998, the track is still as popular today. But, how did "This Kiss" become one of Hill's most iconic songs?

This Kiss is often regarded as Faith Hill's first crossover hit

The hit 1998 song "This Kiss" ultimately went on to become Faith Hill's fourth solo number one, as Country Thang Daily notes, and the fifth in her career at the time on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It also peaked at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100, as well as number three on the Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks chart in the year of its release — and the following year in 1999.

And while Hill hasn't outright revealed exactly who this song is about, Hill married Tim McGraw in 1996 and was pregnant with their second daughter Maggie during the filming of the iconic music video for "This Kiss" (via The Boot). So, it's pretty clear that Hill was experiencing a lot of love at the time, which was subsequently transferred into her music and videos.