General Hospital Relationship Timeline: Lois And Ned

In 2022, Ned Quartermaine and Lois Cerullo are still part of the "General Hospital" canvas, although Lois has been happily living out of Port Charles and back in her native Brooklyn, NY for years. Ned still lives in his family's mansion and blissfully renewed his wedding vows with Lois' old pal, Olivia Quartermaine (Lisa LoCicero), as February began, with his and Lois' daughter, Brook Lynn, in attendance (via SoapHub). As for Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton), she recently moved into new digs (via Soap Central) that Lois secured for her (off-screen) from her old pal, Jasper 'Jacks' Jax (Ingo Rademacher).


Although both characters moved on from one another years ago, their penchant for crazy antics and music live on in Brook Lynn, a character as brazen as her mother with the Brooklyn accent to go with it. In fact, Ned and Lois' romance began thanks to music and their wedding was a Brooklyn extravaganza filled with roller coaster and the ocean that longtime "GH" fans will never forget. In real life, romance also happened as Wally Kurth and Rena Sofer, who played Ned and Lois, also fell in love and got married (via Who's Hated Who), but also split after Sofer gave birth to their daughter, Rosabel. Take a walk down memory lane with us and remember the on-screen romance of Ned and Lois.

Lois meets a man she wants to turn into a rock star

Ned Ashton, who has since changed his name to Quartermaine, was going by yet another name when he met music manager Lois Cerullo. Bored with his life in the corporate world he was born into, Ned wanted to put his love of music to work for him, so he took on the name Eddie Maine and started performing on the sly in local clubs (via Soaps In Depth). By day, he lived as clean-cut Ned Ashton and romanced Katherine Bell (Mary Beth Evans). By night, he donned leather pants and a leather jacket and romanced Lois Cerullo, who wanted to make him famous. After Katherine blackmailed him, he ended up marrying them both, with Lois not knowing her new husband's true identity.


However, when she moved to Port Charles to be near Ned, both Lois and Katherine learned the truth. Lois learned that her beloved Eddie's real name was Ned and Katherine learned her new husband was married to someone else and didn't really love her. In fact, Lois insisted on making quite a scene when she revealed to Ned she knew who he was. At a birthday party he threw for Katherine, Lois jumped out of the cake and announced she was also Ned's wife (via Soaps In Depth).

Ned and Lois marry the right way

Lois was absolutely furious with Ned for basing their entire relationship on a lie, but he eventually won her over and convinced her to marry him as Ned. She convinced him to have a blow-out wedding right in her native Brooklyn where they rode the Coney Island cyclone before a lavish ceremony in nearby Bensonhurst (via SoapHub).


However, it was a rocky road from the start for Ned and Lois. Although Ned loved his Eddie Maine persona and was allowing Lois to turn him into a star with her brand-new record company, L&B records that she established with Brenda Barrett (Vanessa Marcil), Ned also loved being a corporate raider. His devotion to the family company, ELQ, never waned and Lois felt like she and his music career came second as he ascended to the CEO position (via Soaps In Depth). Ned also had brief competition from Jax, who arrived in town to pursue Lois, but ended up falling for Brenda (via Soaps In Depth).

Ned chooses his family, Lois is heartbroken

Although they were very much in love and Lois was expecting their baby, they fought all the time and Lois finally gave Ned an ultimatum, choose between her or ELQ. Ned convinced himself that Lois would never really leave him just because he wanted to continue working for ELQ, she decided she was better off raising her child away from the Quartermaines (via Soaps In Depth). So, he moved back to Brooklyn and gave birth to a daughter, Brook Lynn.


"General Hospital" viewers were told that Ned made frequent trips to Brooklyn to be a father to Brook Lynn, but all of that happened off-screen. When Lois made a trip back to Port Charles several years later to comfort a heartbroken Brenda after Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) left her at the altar, she and Ned still couldn't manage to get it together. However, when Lois made yet another return in 2004, now played by Lesli Kay, the pair had to be parents together for the first-time ever.

Ned and Lois parent a rebellious teen, part as friends

Although Ned and Lois didn't even marry until 1995, through the magic of soap opera aging, their daughter, Brook Lynn, was a teenager by 2004 and had run away from home (via Soaps in Depth). Lois knew the first place to look for her was Port Charles, so she showed up at the Quartermaine house and found her.


Lois remained in town on a more permanent basis this time and was there for Ned to comfort him when his grandmother, Lila (Anna Lee), passed away. Although Lois attempted a romance with Lorenzo Alcazar (Ted King), it wasn't meant to be, so she and Ned decided to give it another go. While they eventually agreed they were better off as friends, they both went back to Brooklyn so that Ned could be a more hands on dad to Brook Lynn.

Now, an adult Brook Lynn is living in Port Charles trying to pass off Maxie Jones' (Kirsten Storms) baby as her own, Lois is still managing bands with her home base being Brooklyn, and Ned is happily married to Olivia and adopting her young son, Leo. As for Eddie Maine, he still puts in an occasional appearance performing at the annual "General Hospital" Nurses' Ball.