The Real Reason Planet Fitness Doesn't Have A Bench Press

For those unsure about exactly how to tackle a solid workout routine, Planet Fitness has always been a go-to place to learn the exercises best for you. First opened in Dover, New Hampshire in 1992 (via Planet Fitness), the brand would eventually become known for its Judgement Free Zone philosophy which was created to encourage first-time gym users to "feel comfortable joining and starting their fitness journey," as the brand explains on their site.

While the brand has faced criticism for the way it operates — especially when it comes to the "lunk alarm," per Harison Fitness — it continues to be one of the nation's most popular places to exercise due to the vast amount of equipment at your disposal including treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers, stationary and recumbent bikes (via Dollar Sanity). There are also some dumbbells and barbells, as well as multiple types of crunch machines.

But when it comes to presses, Planet Fitness is a little limited in that department. Sure, you've got your shoulder and chest presses, but the bench press is mysteriously absent.

The bench press can be dangerous for those new to bulking up

That's because Planet Fitness isn't designed for those wanting to bulk up or work on heavy lifting. As a bench press involves a weight bench and barbell or dumbbell (via VeryWell Fit), it doesn't exactly fit in with the gym's brand. Sure, there are ways to focus on the muscle groups targeted by the bench press (chest, triceps, and shoulders), but you won't find anything close to what a bench press can provide in Planet Fitness.

But as the gym is focused on providing a service to beginners and novices, it does take a lot of skill and training to get to the point where you can use a bench press without injuring yourself. That's not to say beginners can't use a bench press — it just takes time to get used to the process of warming up, getting used to the feel of the bar, and learning good form while exercising as VeryWell Fit notes.

And as Noob Gains writes, with beginner and novice gym-goers there's more of a risk for injury by dropping the bar on their chest or not having a spotter present when lifting heavier weights.