What Happens To Your Skin When You Use Aloe Daily

The products used for skin care exercises, like exfoliation and moisturizing, and also for getting rid of rashes, acne, sunburns, and lesions usually contain active ingredients like the super popular aloe vera plant, amongst others.

With aloe vera, the plant has been used for years due to its benefits and healthy components, according to Local Buzz Magazine. As a substance used in skincare products, its popularity is based not only on its potency but also on how gentle aloe can be, even on sensitive skin, and also how versatile it is. Aloe has been tapped hugely for hair care as well (via Healthline)

On aloe vera's usage for skincare, you will find the plant in several products from sunscreens to moisturizers and other creams and ointments. No wonder it has an annual market value of $13 billion globally, according to PubMed Central. Owing to how widespread it is and the sheer volume of skincare products made with aloe and its extracts, the odds are quite high that you have used one skin product containing aloe at least once in your life. For some people, their usage is more than merely occasional. Which then begs the question: What happens to your skin when you use aloe everyday? After all, sometimes they say too much of something is bad. So, are there side effects you should be worried about?

Is it okay to use aloe on my skin every single day?

Aloe is not thought to have any major risks when applied on your face daily but still, it may be advisable to get a doctor's go-ahead just to be double sure, per Skin Kraft.

As much as aloe is great for clearing any spots and acne, it could also be problematic for you, particularly when used on seriously injured skin. Aloe gel actually slows down the healing process of such wounds, per Very Well Health. But first and second degree burns will heal quicker when aloe gel is applied, writes Mayo Clinic.Note that for some, using aloe may cause a burning sensation, while it could also causes some very sensitive skins to dry out, per Medical News Today. 

The side effects of aloe are not that serious though, according to Very Well Health. You will find that many times, the reaction to aloe will be limited only to redness and irritation and in some cases, mild allergic reactions.