Orlando Bloom's Big Fear Will Surprise You

The average human gets to experience various emotions in a lifetime. Sometimes these are positive emotions, like joy and love. At other times, it's the unpleasant emotions like fear, embarrassment, and rage. Then there are also phobias, which are deep-seated fears that may or may not be irrational. An example of this is trypophobia, a fear of anything with multiple holes on its surface. It's a phobia with symptoms like nausea and goosebumps, according to Everyday Health.

People develop phobias for different reasons. Sometimes they develop as the result of a bad experience. For example, a person with claustrophobia may have been bullied and locked in a small space when they were younger. Additionally, a person with arachnophobia may have had a bad experience with a spider. Of course, there are also phobias that are completely random and appear without any identifiable cause. 

This is why there are people who are instinctively afraid of certain things and possibilities, explains Scientific American. An example of this transpiring in real time occurred after a video was posted on the internet of a snake emerging from a toilet bowl (via New York Post). That clip seemed to give life to the popular fear that many people have about being bitten by a snake while their pants are down.

These fears and phobias are surely not just for regular people, as some celebrities are also known to have well-publicized phobias. Actor Orlando Bloom is one of these celebrities, and his biggest fear is surprising. 

Orlando Bloom's biggest fear is somewhat uncommon

When Orlando Bloom's name is mentioned, people immediately think of his on-screen roles, as well as his relationship with Katy Perry. No one expects the man who played Legolas in "Lord of the Rings" to be afraid of anything, but like other celebrities, he's only human.

Purportedly, Bloom's big fear is swinophobia. As the name implies, swinophobia is a fear of pigs. He hasn't spoken much on the subject, but his fear of pigs was first noticed on the set of the movie "Kingdom of Heaven." Bloom was reportedly spotted running "like crazy" from a pig that got loose on set. His fear of pigs seems to be significant, as he apparently left the set to get away from the pig immediately after it broke free (per Tribute).

Bloom isn't the only celebrity with an uncommon phobia. Tyra Banks is reportedly afraid of dolphins, according to Simple Most. Khloé Kardashian is reportedly scared of bellybuttons, per Pop Crush. Some celebrities have more relatable fears, like Daniel Radcliffe's reported fear of clowns, and DJ Khaled's purported fear of heights.