If You're A Cancer, These Are Probably Your Favorite Types Of Songs

Ah, the zodiac: a concept that seems to divide us as much as the eternal debate of which Britney Spears album is the best (we're partial to 2000's "Oops!... I Did It Again"). Some people find it difficult to get on board with the idea of humanity being divided into 12 signs, with each person following specific personality traits based solely on the day they were born. The history of astrology is long and complex, though. It rose out of Mesopotamia in the third millennium B.C., and was once intrinsically linked to astronomy (via Britannica). 

Several regions developed similar traditions in regard to the zodiac — it pervaded India, ancient Greece, Islamic culture, and ancient China. In fact, the ancient Greeks had a similar view of the zodiac as we do today, describing 12 different constellations that affected humans' daily life and events (per Britannica). Apart from astrology's deep-rooted historical component, it can be uncanny in how accurately it portrays personalities — especially when taking a deep dive into more than just your sun sign. 

If you want to understand astrology further and have tons of fun, research your moon sign, which rules emotion, as well as your rising sign, which is linked to how others see you. Following up by researching your love-based Venus sign is also a great step. All that being said, your sun sign is your base for a reason, and it surprisingly reveals a lot about you — including your music tastes. If you're a Cancer, you might be taken aback by what we found out!

Your music taste is deeply nostalgic and emotional all at once

Cancer signs are known for being emotional — they're connected to their sensitive side more than most other signs. Allure explains that Cancers are deeply intuitive, and tend to be almost psychic in their ability to read people and empathize with other people's feelings and experiences. Cancers are represented by the crab, meaning they have an exterior shell: Sometimes, Cancers can come across as cold, distant, or closed-off to the world besides their closest family and friends. That being said, it's just a mechanism of self defense, because in reality, they're extremely sensitive. 

Cancers are water signs like Scorpios and Pisces, meaning they are creative, dreamy, and are traditionally deep thinkers that prefer staying in and painting, or writing poetry, than being exposed to the harsh outside world (via the New York Post). In fact, this sign is known as the homebody of the zodiac, since they love staying on the couch and watching a movie with their significant other, family members, or friends more than anything else. They'll usually whip up cookies or other snacks, because they adore caring for loved ones, too.

When it comes to Cancers' music tastes, it makes sense that this sign loves songs that are imbued with deep, soul-shaking emotion (via Bustle). They will either love to listen to poetic singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell, or will go for all kinds of music that reminds them of the past, such as their high school experiences or their wedding.

Get inspired by your zodiac sign and listen to these Cancerian singers

Why not get inspired by your creative, intuitive, emotionally-deep sign and listen to some fellow Cancers? Only a Cancer would know exactly how to feel through their own psyche and heart, coming up with poetry they put to music to connect the greater public to their inner self. As Allure describes it, Cancer's crab symbol means they are constantly moving between the sea and land — or in a human's case, their inner and outer self, or their emotions and the outside world. This balancing act is difficult, but Cancerian singers show that it leads to truly evocative work.

We adore Colombian-American artist Kali Uchis, whose soothing voice is the epitome of a Cancer sign's natural serenity, coziness, and need for peace. You'll love unwinding to Uchis' music at home when you really need some TLC after being out all day and just want to relax with a face mask. Play 60s-inspired "Loner" for all the vibes. 

Another Cancer artist we absolutely love is Lana del Rey, who has always gravitated toward a nostalgic musical style since this is second-nature to this sign. Del Rey has said, " ... my gift is the warmth I live my life with and the self reflection I share generously," which is super fitting for a Cancerian (via the Evening Standard). We also can't get enough of Sufjan Stevens, another Cancer, whose self-written, poignant song "Mystery of Love" on the "Call Me By Your Name" soundtrack always hits us right in the feels.