The Truth About Ann Winblad's Husband Alex Kline

Following the divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates, history surrounding their previous relationships started to circulate (via People). This was especially the case for Ann Winblad, a software entrepreneur and venture capitalist who dated Gates prior to his relationship with Melinda.

According to Time magazine, the couple started dating in 1984 after crossing paths at a computer conference. They stayed together for three years before splitting up in 1987 — the same year that Melinda was employed as a product manager at Microsoft, as People reports. However, they kept a close bond following their romance, and would still go on vacation together once a year. Winblad was also there to give advice to Gates when he decided to propose to Melinda, telling Time that she thought Melinda was "a good match for him because she had intellectual stamina."

Eventually, Winblad would get engaged herself, with a source telling the New York Post that she married private investigator Edward Alex Kline in 2015. While not much is known about their life as a married couple, there is a lot to be learned about Kline and what he does for a living.

Alex Kline's brother is an Oscar winning actor

Alex Kline was born and raised in St. Louis, per SF Gate, and is the brother of the Oscar-winning actor Kevin Kline (via The Sun). You'll recognize Kevin from the likes of "Sophie's Choice," "The Big Chill," and "A Fish Called Wanda" — the latter earning him the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, Britannica reported. That film also happened to star Alex Kline, who worked as an extra during the film's production.

As for Alex, the acting bug didn't grip him nearly as much as it did with Kevin. Instead, Kline started working at the Centre for Investigative Reporting in San Fransisco after a stint at law school at the University of Colorado didn't pan out (via SF Gate). He did go on to study at Stanford University (via the New York Post), which led him to establish his own private investigation firm called Alex Kline Investigation & Research Service. According to the company's site, they offer a "full suite of investigative services" in the USA and worldwide, including pretrial litigation preparation, confidential corporate investigations, government-related investigations, background investigations, and locates.