Is It Better To Work Out At Home Or At The Gym?

For many, exercise, or even the thought of it, is unpleasant. After all, beginners may associate consistent exercise with muscle cramps and sore limbs. So, when it comes to working out, deciding to actually do it is only a small part of the struggle. Actually establishing a workout plan and sticking to it then becomes central in stress surrounding exercising (via U.S. News). Exercise is a key step for people hoping to lead healthy lifestyles, as it not only helps people keep fit but also helps keep some health conditions in check, according to the Mayo Clinic.

For working out, the space you do it in is very important. If you're comfortable in your environment, you'll be more likely to stick to your workout routine and gain better results (via Psychology Today). Ultimately, when it comes to your working out space, people have different opinions. Some prefer home workouts, and others prefer working out at a gym. But is one of these options legitimately better than the other?

Both gym and home workouts have benefits

The gym is a great place to work out for beginners. This is because fitness instructors who can guide you are present. According to Healthline, going to a gym and getting a trainer can help you stick to a workout routine. Gym trainers can also help you come up with a workout plan best suited for you, based on your body type and your fitness goals. Of course, the gym would also typically have more exercise equipment than most people can fit into their homes. However, working out at the gym has its negatives. Gym memberships are usually monthly subscriptions, and may be too expensive. For people who aren't good in social situations, working out at a crowded gym can be uncomfortable, too (via Verywell Fit).

The alternative is working out at home. You would be exercising in a comfortable space, at your own pace, away from distraction and without the need to navigate potentially awkward situations, per Fittest Travel. However, when you work out at home, you're doing so in a comfortable environment that increases the possibility that you could get too comfortable and not stick to your routine (via Trusty Spotter).

Both options are appealing. If you're looking for privacy and low cost, working out at home is for you, but if you prefer exercise equipment too big to keep in your house, then you should consider getting a gym membership.