How Routinely Getting Your Hair Colored May Affect Your Hair Growth

You may think nothing of getting your hair routinely colored, but after a while, you might notice a significant change in the way it behaves after a wash or when it's being styled. This is especially the case when you opt for a permeant dye, as more chemicals are used to lighten the hair and deposit color (via Healthline).

The chemicals usually found in hair dye — like ammonia, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide — can dehydrate your hair leading to weak, brittle, and damaged strands, according to Byrdie. While using these chemicals on a semi-regularly basis doesn't "inhibit" hair growth as Dermatology Times notes, it may lead to hair loss the more routinely you do it.

And in some cases, this breakage can occur right at the scalp leading to the appearance of alopecia. But according to Dermatology Times, this is only temporary and the remedy is simply not lightening their hair with products like bleach. But, what else can you do to prevent this sort of damage?

Dyeing your hair is a big decision that requires a lot of planning

Making sure you're going to a reputable hair salon is a major first step, but if you've decided to do it yourself at home thorough research is in order before you even buy the color you intend on using.

Once you're happy with the decision, you should always do a skin test first as telehealth company Hers points out. A salon will do this regardless, but if you're doing it at home you should too. If you've never used hair dye or are using a different brand, there's always the possibility that you could be allergic to one of the ingredients. An adverse reaction to certain ones like paraphenylenediamine (PPD) can lead to hair loss, according to Hers.

But if your hair is already damaged from prior dyeing appointments, it's better to skip and let your hair recover before attempting to dye it again. As Healthline writes, you'll be more at risk of damaging it even more by doing so. It's better to wait eight to 10 weeks before attempting to dye your hair again, just to be on the safe side.