Questionable Outfits Worn By Malia And Sasha Obama

Even before the time of the Kennedys and the spotlight on Jackie Kennedy's impeccable fashion, the White House and its inhabitants have always been the focus of scrutiny. This is partly due to Americans regarding the First Family the same way British people do the royal family. They are curious about their lifestyle and fashion. Just like with the royals, there are several rules that the First Family has to follow. For example, they aren't allowed to spend money on extravagant renovations in the White House, nor should they hold official positions in the government, per Marie Claire

The Obamas were America's beloved First Family for eight years while Barack Obama was president. His election as the first African American president of the U.S. was a historic moment, and his presidency was marked by the legalization of gay marriage and the Affordable Care Act. Despite the fact that many people liked the Obamas, the media attention they received wasn't always positive. For example, then-First Lady Michelle Obama was shocked by the amount of attention people paid to her outfits, but she figured out how to use it to her advantage, per CNBC.

She wasn't alone in this, either. Her daughters Malia and Sasha have gradually become style icons and wear carefully selected outfits that almost always hit the mark. Of course, not all of their fashion choices were accepted with open arms.

Malia and Sasha Obama have made a few questionable fashion choices

Malia and Sasha Obama found themselves under a microscope as their styles evolved in the public eye, according to Bustle. For example, they were once slammed by a GOP staffer who said their 2014 Thanksgiving outfits made them look like they deserved "a spot at a bar" (via CNN). Malia wore a plaid mini-skirt with tights and a sweater, while Sasha wore a short dress with a long cardigan for the occasion.

That was not the only time their looks attracted negative attention. In 2018, Malia was spotted wearing a pair of overalls and a bra that appeared sheer. The visible bra was deemed inappropriate by many (via MTO News). That same year, 15-year-old Sasha was seen in a bikini that was deemed too skimpy for her age, according to Radar Online.

Sometimes, the critique on their outfits wasn't about whether they were age-appropriate or not. People also paid close attention to the price. At the first state dinner they attended in 2016, eagle-eyed critics decided that their $20,000 dresses — which were loaned to the girls — were too expensive (via NewsOne).