Why Peter Weber Is Having A Hard Time Watching This Season Of The Bachelor

Peter Weber, also known as Pilot Pete, was looking for love during Hannah Brown's season of "The Bachelorette." As runner-up, he was favored to be the next star of "The Bachelor," and got his shot during the show's 24th season (via The Hollywood Reporter). Thirty beautiful women were competing for his final rose during the season, but it didn't pan out the way Weber wanted it to.

According to Us Weekly, Weber's season ended with him proposing to one woman, Hannah Ann Sluss, but called it off when he realized he had feelings for a different contestant, Madison Prewett. Things didn't work out with Prewett either, so he connected with another contestant from his season, Kelley Flanagan. The couple was together for 10 months before calling it quits.

Weber shared that he had no desire to try his hand at love with any of his exes from the show. "I wouldn't go back to anything that hasn't worked," he told Us Weekly. "It didn't work for a reason. And I know it's hard and a lot of people struggle with that, but where I'm at now in my life, I just realize if it's gonna work, it's gonna work. ... I wouldn't go back to anything in the past. I'm only looking forward."

Looking forward, Weber has tuned into the new season of "The Bachelor," but is having a hard time watching due to his difficult time on the show.

Weber says the show gives him 'PTSD'

The current star of "The Bachelor," Clayton Echard, and Peter Weber reportedly have a lot in common. Echard has faced backlash for the way he handles drama on the show, much like Weber had (via People). Echard has shared that he sometimes regrets joining the show. The former football player thought he would be more well-liked, saying, "I thought, 'This is going to be great. Everyone's going to come around, start seeing my personality,' and people weren't."

Weber spoke out in favor of Echard on his podcast, "Here for the Right Reasons." He said that he has had a hard time watching the show this season because there are so many similarities between his and Echard's experiences (per Cosmopolitan). "My heart goes out to Clayton so much because I relate to Clayton in so many ways. And I look at his season — it's almost a little bit of PTSD for me, like, being pulled back into it," he shared. "I've been in that exact situation. I've been told something so similar to [him], I've had to make a decision very similar under that kind of pressure."

He even suggested that the producers were manipulating the drama. "You can see, like, the manipulation that's going on and you can see how certain people are being pushed forward on the show, and it's kind of making Clayton look bad," Weber said. "It sucks to see kind of in hindsight how that all plays out and turns out and then people make these judgments on you."