Who Is Howard Stern's Wife, Beth?

Howard Stern is usually the one asking questions about the personal lives of celebrities, but what about the disc jockey himself? Stern regularly talks about his wife Beth Ostrosky on his SiriusXM radio show (via The Things), and you'll be pretty familiar with them as a couple as they regularly appear together on day and nighttime talk shows like the time he re-proposed to Ostrosky during an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel" and had their ceremony live on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

"We've been married now 11 years but like within the last two or three years, I said, you know I really do love this woman so much," Stern told DeGeneres (via USA Today). "She really has my back, it's a great marriage." Stern and Ostrosky started dating in 2000 (via Hollywood Life), after they reportedly met at a mutual friend's party. The radio host popped the question in 2007, and they married a year later.

Howard Stern and his wife Beth have fostered over 900 animals

Prior to meeting her future husband, Beth Ostrosky had already made quite the name for herself as a model and actress. Born and raised in Pittsburgh (via Distractify), Ostrosky reportedly studied at the University of Pittsburgh for three years before moving to New York City to pursue a career in modelling. As HuffPost notes, Ostrosky became a familiar face on the cover of FHM magazine which she looks back with fondness at now. "#TBT oh those FHM Modelling days," she wrote on Twitter, adding the hashtags "#cheesy #whatisthis? #sexyteacher? #sosilly."

Following her success as a model, she turned her attention to acting. Her first role came in 1996 in the rom-com "Flirting with Disaster," followed by roles in "Whipped," "The End of the Bar," "Another Night," and "Saturday Morning" (via IMDb). She also appeared in episodes of "All My Children" and "Less Than Perfect" in the early 2000s.

And like her husband, Ostrosky dedicates most of her time to animal welfare. The couple have fostered over 900 cats and kittens as of 2019, perĀ Today, and have even opened an adoption centre in partnership with North Shore Animal League America who are based in New York (via I Heart Cats).