The British Public React To COVID-19 Restrictions Amid The Queen's Diagnosis

Just this week British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his government would be relaxing COVID-19 restrictions in an effort to help citizens co-exist with the virus. "I'm not saying that we should throw caution to the winds, but now is the moment for everybody to get their confidence back," the leader said during an interview with the BBC Sunday. "We've reached a stage where we think you can shift the balance away from state mandation, away from banning certain courses of action, compelling certain courses of action, in favor of encouraging personal responsibility" (via ABC News).

What would this new reality look like? Citizens would no longer be required by law to self-isolate when they test positive. Of course, the timing of this new approach is now being questioned in light of the announcement that Queen Elizabeth has tested positive for COVID-19.

Indeed, Twitter users had a strong reaction to lifting restrictions amid their monarch's health news.

Twitter shows support for restrictions being lifted despite the Queen's positive status

The New York Times calls the timing of lifting of restrictions "awkward" given Queen Elizabeth's positive status. But social media wasn't having it, with one Twitter user noting, "If Queen, one of the most protected citizens in UK, has covid doesn't it show endless restrictions don't stop omicron?" "If you've got over excited that the Queen tested positive for covid just so you can use it to 'justify' not lifting restrictions, then you need to reassess your life," another person declared.

Indeed, many Twitter users are scratching their heads about why restrictions would be impacted by Queen Elizabeth's diagnosis. "How does one person getting covid change what an entire nation does in response to covid cases?" one person wondered. Seconded another Twitter user, "What does the Queen having COVID have to do with lifting restrictions?"

"One person catching Covid...uh oh, time to reverse course... lol," tweeted another person. Finally, yet another Twitter user opined, "It's still time to lift restrictions. We've seen too many negative effects from them."