Melania Trump Did Not Hold Back On Her Most Recent Attack On The Media

During her husband's time in office, Melania Trump largely kept a low profile. She hosted state dinners, toured the world, helped refurbish the White House, and established the BE BEST campaign to promote "healthy living, kindness, and respect among and for children" (via The White House Historical Association) However, her accomplishments were often overshadowed by her seeming disdain for the job. Some of her wardrobe choices drew fire, particularly her "I Really Don't Care, Do U?" jacket, which she claimed was a message to the press (via BBC). Eyebrows were also raised over a leaked recording in which Trump expressed frustration over being expected to help reunite separated immigrant children with their families while she was also busy decorating the White House for Christmas (via CNN).

The former first lady hasn't fared any better in her post-White House life. Her efforts to support foster care organizations through auctions of an NFT and a hat she once wore have come under scrutiny, per Vice, because the buyer appeared to be the same entity that set up the auction. Most recently, she was the subject of a New York Times report that questioned her involvement in a Florida fundraiser called Tulips & Topiaries high tea. The event is touted as benefiting her "Be Best" and "Fostering the Future" initiative, but no such organizations are registered with the state — leading the NYT reporters to wonder about the legitimacy of her work. 

Trump recently responded with an official statement intended both to clear her name and to point fingers at the press.

Melania Trump called the media 'dream killers'

On the "Fostering the Future" channel of her website, Melania Trump issued a statement explaining that she, herself, does not run any nonprofit charitable organizations. "In simple terms, 'Fostering the Future' is the name of my platform," Trump said. Rather, she works with a group called the Bradley Impact Fund, which "will disburse funds raised through the efforts of Fostering the Future to the respective beneficiaries," she said. Such is the case with the Tulips & Topiaries event, whose proceeds the former first lady say are given to an established organization called Gen Justice. 

Trump then slammed the media for what she feels are deliberate smear attempts. "Despite my actions, the press continues to publish inaccurate, misleading, and outright incorrect articles about my work," she wrote. "The media has created a narrative whereby I am trying to act in an illegal or unethical manner. That portrayal is simply untrue and adversely affects the children I hope to support. Those who attack my initiatives and create the appearance of impropriety are quite literally dream killers. They have canceled the hopes and dreams of children by trying to cancel me."

Twitter users responded by the dozens on Trump's feed. Some offered their support and sympathy, but many others did virtual eye-rolls. One respondent joked, "And Melania has the records from Mazars USA, the Trump Organization's accounting firm to prove it..." Another posted a report pointing out that the Bradley Impact Fund has been a contributor to "groups that promote election fraud conspiracies and sought to overturn President Donald Trump's election defeat."