The Truth About Taylor Wynn's Recent Breakup

Taylor Wynn is best known for her fashion and beauty Youtube content and her endearing on screen personality. She runs a self-named YouTube channel with over 644,000 subscribers, and has also leaned into her entrepreneural side, collaborating with Sigma Beauty on her own line of make-up brushes. Outside of the Youtube beauty world, Wynn is also known for her charity work with Seattle Human and St Jude's Children's Hospital.

Wynn has insisted on keeping her content as relatable and interactive as possible for fans. According to Healthwell Foundation, she has also been very open about her struggles with migraines and the many treatments she has tried out to help them. Other things she has been open about include her romantic relationships, with all the ups and downs that come with them.

Influencer relationships have always been closely scrutinized, and so have their break-ups. So, when Wynn's boyfriend stopped making appearances in her videos and social media photos, it was apparent that something had gone wrong.

Taylor Wynn's recent breakup was the best she's ever had

Taylor Wynn isn't one to have messy public drama. So, for her fans, the ending of her relationship simply came and went without much fuss. Prior to their breakup, she spoke about her boyfriend in vlogs, shared tidbits of their relationship, and even featured him in some of her videos. When it came to the breakup, Wynn addressed it and appeared to simply move on. 

In September 2021, Wynn posted a video about wanting to move across the country and continued updating fans with her journey to a new place. In another video posted a month later, she discussed how fans had asked about her relationship with her boyfriend and how they were coping with her move. She first made it clear that when things happen in real life, people need time to process it, and that was the same for her. 

In the video, she then moved on to discuss her breakup with her ex-boyfriend, and stated that it came down to them both realizing that they aren't right for each other long term, via Youtube. Wynn also said that preparing to make the move across the country was the catalyst for everything. She called it "the best break-up" she had ever had, adding that she and her ex-boyfriend still cared about each other.